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VIDEO – How to test a web service using QTP with the web service add-in

In this video I show how to test a web service using HP’s QuickTest Professional.

This is the Microsoft.XMLDOM function that I used for the demo:

Public Function GETNODE(xmlString,nodeName,optNodeNum)
Dim xmlDoc
Dim nodeList
Dim currentNodeValue
Dim nodeFoundFlag
Dim nodeCounter
   Set xmlDoc = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")
   xmlDoc.Async = "false"
	   if optNodeNum = "" then
		   optNodeNum = 1
	   end If
	   Set nodeList = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName(nodeName)
       nodeCounter = 1
	    'If an element is not found that matches the passed nodeName then this for loop will not run
				For each Node in nodeList
					currentNodeValue = node.text
					'If there are more than one element with the same name stop on the optNodeNum or default to 1st  matching node found
						If cint(optNodeNum) = nodeCounter then
							nodeFoundFlag = "True"
							Exit for
						end if
				   nodeCounter = nodeCounter + 1
							If nodeFoundFlag = "True" Then
								GETNODE = currentNodeValue
							   GETNODE = "False"
							End If
Set xmlDoc = nothing
End Function

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