Just wanted to give anyone who is currently using Service Test 11 a heads up that 11.10 has been released. This is great news for any user who had been struggling with Service Test and Quality Center integration issues. The enhancement also includes:

Database Supportlets you use a database as a data source for your test – this is great since previously you had to write your own Custom Code to do this.

New Activities – Some activities include FTP, Math, Date/Time, XML and Database functions!

Business Process Testing – You can now also use ST 11 to create business components.

I’m downloading ST11.10 now and will let you all know more about some of the new features once I try them.



    • Joe Colantonio says

      Hi Corey:

      A support engineer sent me a ftp link to it last week. We have an open issue that this version is suppose to fix. You also can get it from HP:


      * sign in using your id
      * select the Downloads tab
      * then select Software Updates
      * then select MyUpdates link
      * Select your SAID ########### and check the box at the bottom of the page and click Submit
      * Expand Quality Center
      * Check HP Functional Testing 11.10 and select Get Updates at bottom of the page
      * Select GetSoftware
      * Select the Download Directly button, sometimes you have to hit this twice for the download to start.

      Hope this helps – thanks for your comment!!

      Cheers ~ Joe

  1. says

    Thanks… doesn’t work for us for some reason. Interesting how they’ve divided up licenses…

    If one was to believe the site we only have licenses for the VuGen Version of Service Test but not the new version. Bizzare.

    • Joe Colantonio says

      Ali » Hi Ali -a SAID is company/license specific – so I can’t give out mine. If you have a valid license for ST you should be able to request the upgrade from HP support. Cheers Joe

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