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QTP11 – FIREFOX 12.00 Now Supported – Patch QTPWEB_00100

QTP11 – FIREFOX 12.00 Now Supported – Patch QTPWEB_00100 post image

New QTP patch support for FireFox12!

Great news – today HP released patch QTPWEB_00100.

With this patch QTP now supports testing web apps in FireFox Version 12.0.X

Patch dependencies

Before you install this patch you do need to install the previous QTP firefox patch QTPWEB_000900 first.

To Get the FireFox Patch:

To get the FireFox Browser Patch for QuickTest Professional either request it from HP support or you can download it from http://www.joecolantonio.com/downloads

All QTP 11 Patches

For an updated list of all patches available for QTP 11 check out the Patches section in my article:QTP 11 Support Matrix with Patch Updates

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  • Ram

    Does the links support Fire-fox with Flex 4.5 as well. If not and if it is available, Can u please share that as well.

    • Joe Colantonio

      Ram » Hi Ram – last I checked QTP does not have “offical” support for Adobe Flex. Does anyone else know about Flex 4.5 support?

  • Deepthi

    Hi Jim ,

    I followed the steps mentioned above to work on FF 12 with QTP 11 , but my test doesnt run . It opens the browser and the test fails because no object is being recognized.
    Can u help me with this please.

    • Joe Colantonio

      Deepthi » Does the QTP spy pick up any of the objects in FF?

      • Deepthi

        No . It doesnt pick up any of the objects in FF 12.

        • Joe Colantonio

          Deepthi » If this is on a Windows 7 machine right click on the QTP shortcut and Run as administrator. Firefox should bring up a message ‘Another program on your computer would like to modify Fireox.” Click on the “allow this installation” for the QTP11 add-in. Once that is done QTP should be able to recognize the FF objects. I just tested this out and it worked for me

          • Deepthi

            This is a Windows XP machine. Does QTP 11 and FF12 work on XP machine ?

          • Joe Colantonio

            Deepthi » Yes QTP11 and FF12 work on XP. When you open Firefox and go to Tools>Add-ons do you see the QuickTest Professional 11.00 plugin? If so try to uninstall and reinstall to see if that helps. Verify that you have local admin rights on your computer. Also just did you install the previous FireFox patch QTPWEB_00090 before you installed this patch?

          • Deepthi

            Yup ..I see a warning message . “QTP 11 plugIn is incompatible with FF12.”
            I reinstalled and still the same.
            I am the admin on it and the patch 00090 is installed first and then 00100 patch. Am I missing anything ?

          • Deepthi

            Is there anything that I can try to work this out. Please let me know .

          • Loya

            Hi Joe,
            Currently, I would like to run my old scripts(Developed in IE8) in FF12 also with QTP 11, So I have done the following steps, but I was failed to get any object from FF 12, That means QTP spy cannot pick up any FF object, Please help look at my step and to see what I have made a mistook or what I have missed, thanks lot:
            Step1: Download FF12 and install successfully
            Step2: Download and installed the Patches with the following order: QTP_00699.exe, QTPWEB_00090.exe, QTPWEB_00092.exe and QTPWEB_00100.exe
            Step3: Open QTP 11 and open the existing scripts, try to run in FF, I was failed to get any of FF object, please help me fix this issue, thank you so much

          • Loya » the site ASI has a really good post on “how to get QTP to work with Firefox” that you should check out.

  • Deepthi

    Yup ..I see a warning message . “QTP 11 plugIn is incompatible with FF12.”
    I reinstalled and still the same.
    I am the admin on it and the patch 00090 is installed first and then 00100 patch. Am I missing anything ?

  • haitham

    try to click firefox > tool > Add-ons managers > Extensions then enable the QTP plugin

  • jagadeesh

    I need “QTP_00718″ patch for my QTP. Drag and drop functionality is not working properly , Not able to drop at specific positions.

    • Joe Colantonio

      jagadeesh » Hi – since this is a hotfix it is not available for me to download directly from HP. An HP rep advised me that I should not post any hotfixes on my website. You need to contact HP support directly to get hotfixes. The reason for this to make sure that the hotfix is valid for your situation. Sorry~Joe

  • krishna

    I have installed all the required patches. Now I am able to identifying objects for Firefox 3.5 and but not for Firefox 10.0.2. Our application supports Firefox 9.0 and above.
    My system configuration is Win7, QTP11, Firefox 10.0.2. Please let me know if any one working on the same kind of environment.
    What could be the reason? Please help.

  • Bianca

    Hi Joe,

    I isntalled all Patches for QTP 11 anf FF 12.
    It worked fine.
    But from one day to an other I’m not able to recognize any objetcts in FF by QTP. the FF-Plugin for QTP is installed.
    Windows (Windows 7) installed some Security Patches.
    Do you now anything about it?

    Thank a lot

  • Mallikarjun

    I have installed the required patches for Firefox 9.0 in Windows 7 64Bit, Still QTP 11 not able to identify FF.
    Patches I have installed:
    QTP_00699-> qtpweb_00090->qtpweb_00092
    I have a followed the steps given in -http://www.asi-test.com/ASI/working-with-qtp-and-firefox/.
    anybody please help me out to fix this issue.

  • Pavan

    QTP is not recognizing firefox dialog box objects. Please help.

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