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LoadRunner 11.50 – Critical Service Pack 11.51 Released

New Critical LoadRunner Patch Released for LR 11.50

Good news for LoadRunner 11.50 performance engineers – Today HP released a new critical service pack 11.51 LR_03130.

What’s been updated?

HP LoadRunner Service Pack 11.51 updates the following LR features:

  • VuGen improvements
  • Ajax TruClient enhancements
  • Correlations Improved
  • Admin right restrictions
  • Support for Expanded Data Format Extension (DFE)
  • Flex support enhancements
  • Enriched Citrix Support
  • JOH (Java over HTTP) improvements
  • Oracle NCA support expanded
  • Web HTTP/HTML support enhancements
  • Analysis improvements

Features that have been fixed:

  • The ability to export to zip option is not working properly with ajax tru client fire fox protocol in LR 11.50 + patch1 has been fixed.
  • Resolved – Unable to create new instance of type ‘java.lang.StackTraceElement’. Types cannot be instantiated without a public, not arguments constructor”.
  • Support for running LR applications under non-admin user mode on Win 7 and Win 2008 machines added.
  • Performance of https scripts increases after upgrading BPM to version 9.03(+patch 2)
  • Annoying Correlation Studio unable to correlate Viewstate dynamic values issue resolved
  • Failed to Scan And Apply Correlation Rules: Cannot read correlation from file
  • Code generation failure
  • Memory leak encountered during recording with .Net protocol.
  • BPM/Vugen 9 cannot read proxy settings from default browser
  • Unable to generate a correct GWT web script as the GWT DFE conversion does not appear to be working correctly
  • Compression is not supported in Replay – the session has been disconnected
  • Cannot create class of type ‘DSD’. Type ‘DSD’ not found.
  • After adding a permanent license with the license tool the license is displayed correctly but the controller crashes when it is opened
  • Supportability of XenDesktop
  • Percentage mode vUser allocation algorithm
  • Mobile Protocol Fails to Generate Complete Script from PCAP file
  • Silverlight protocol not handling a call correctly
  • vuser_end section not executed upon stopping the script run at flex_rtmp_receive_stream for a AdobeLivestream app.
  • Support of XSS Secure Programmed scenarios
  • Need better support for non-standard or incomplete pcap captured packets in mobile protocol
  • Summary report not exported when SLAs are included
  • GWT DFE: error messages about missing classes/jars are not provided.
  • “Save” operation in SA Analysis 11.50 does not replace the correct/selected file name as it is in Analysis 11.50 Full Setup LR installation
  • TruClient IE fails to evaluate JavaScript statements that includes a variable
  • VuGen: Run-time viewer is not available during scripts replay

How to Get LR Service Pack 11.51

To get this critical patch for LoadRunner 11.50, either request it from HP support, or download it from http://www.joecolantonio.com/downloads

FYI: The same patch is also available just for VUGEN (LRVUG_00030),Anaylysis (LRANLSYS_00027) and Load Generator (LRG_00023) machines

What other Patches are available for LR 11.50?

For an updated list of all patches available for LR 11.50 check out the Patches section in my article:
LR 11.50 Support Matrix with Patch Updates

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