UFT 11.5 – New Critical Patch: Enables Support for Windows 8 and IE 10

Unified Functional Testing Patch UFT_00001 Released

With the release of the critical UFT 11.5 Service Pack 11.51 (UFT_00001) Unified Functional Testing now supports Windows 8, IE 10 and more.

I’ve been getting a ton of emails asking when Windows 8 and IE 10 will be supported so I’m happy that this patch is released.

What is new in UFT 11.51

UFT 11.51 Service Pack 1 adds supports for the following

  • Windows 8
  • IE 10
  • Firefox 16 & 17
  • PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.52
  • SAP CRM 7 – including support for the new SAP web Dynpro ABAP 7.01 & 7.02 controls
  • Siebel 8.2.2
  • Rocket BlueZone 6.x terminal emulator
  • Action templates are now supported
  • External Action Properties added
  • Keyword View – Insert Report Step
  • Run Session Stop Key
  • Errors Pane unmapped repository fix
  • Application Area changes

For more detail be sure to read the 11.51 Service Pack Readme after you install. (C:\Program Files\Hp\Unified Functional Testing\help\Readme.htm)

Other UFT 11.51 Patches
HP also released two other 11.51 patches for UFT:

  • UFTEXA_00001 – UFT Extensibility Accelerator Tool
  • UFTRRV_00001 – UFT Run Results Viewer 11.51

How to Get Service Pack 11.51

Like I said, this is a critical patch, so save yourself some headaches and install it now. To get UFT_00001.EXE either request it from HP support or you can download it from http://www.joecolantonio.com/downloads

What other Patches are available for Unified Functional Testing 11.5?

For an updated list of all patches available for UFT 11.X check out the Patches section in my article: UFT 11.5 Support Matrix with Patch Updates



  1. Laura S. says

    Wow, Joe, you are on top of things! thanks for this information. My UFT tests are running so slowly, 50% more slowly that they ran in QTP 11.0. I have Run mode set to FAST…and saved the test under a new name just in case there is a script conversion process that might help…
    I am going to apply this patch and hopefully that will speed things up.
    Thank you, Joe, for all you do! Totally appreciate your blogs! ~Laura

  2. rahul says

    i need help regarding UFT 11.5 ..
    i am try to run UFT 11.5 as an administrator so that i could connect to QC/ALM but i can not integrate the script to SAP logon .
    But if I run UFT 11.5 as an user mode i can not connect to QC/ALM but i can itegrate to SAP logon.
    please can u tell the sollution to this ASAP . It would be great help to me.

  3. Mateo says

    Hi there!

    thanks for all the good work!

    How do you uninstall this new series of patches?

    I can launch UFT but when opening a test I get a System.BadImageFormatException error…

  4. Trudy C says

    Hi Joe,

    Recently discovered your site, and I think it is really great.

    On this specific patch, though, you might want to highlight that the support for Windows 8 and IE 10 is “not officially supported” and at “technology preview level”. I didn’t find that out until after I installed the patch. That comment is available only from the patch Readme, which is available only after installing the patch.

  5. rahul says

    Hi Joe,

    I am using HP UFT 11.5 with HP ALM 11 .
    when i save the tests without any resources its saving quite smoothly but on saving the tests that has Resources associated with it ,UFT is giving a Exception:
    Exception from HRESULT:OX80040839
    can you please help me out in recovering from this issue .


  6. Ray C says

    We are are migrating to UFT 11.51 and QC/ALM11 in a Win 8 environment. I am unable to connect to QC/ALM11 via UFT 11.51.
    Has anyone else encountered this issue? if so, how did you get around it.

  7. penny says

    I am trying to run API test to compare a csv file to the table from the database, the csv file is large which is about 40 plus mb, and UFT doesn’t seem to function properly. I ran it for hours but it doean’t finish..

  8. Christian Roejbaek says

    Hi Joe
    Does the servicepacks support silent install? E.g. /qb /silent or similar?


    • says

      Sorry for my late response – I somehow missed this.Yes silen install of patches is supported:
      QuickTest Professional 9.5 and higher (MSI installer):

      Patches and hotfixes can be installed silently by following the below steps:

      Note: There is no buil-in / supported silent installation provided by HP. The below set of steps are provided “AS IS”.

      Extract Contents:
      QTP 9.5 – QTP 11:
      Open Windows console (from “Start -> Run”, type cmd and press )
      In the Windows console, navigate to the folder where the patch executable file is located.
      Extract the MSP from the executable file by running the command:

      .EXE /E .

      Note: Make sure that exists before running the command.

      UFT 11.5+. Extraction can not be done via command line. Run patch/hotfix, follow on-screen instructions to extract files to selected directory.

      Ensure having required Installation permissions. For more information see Document ID KM183747 – What are the minimum permissions required for QuickTest Professional (QTP), Service Test (ST) and/or Unified Functional Testing (UFT)?

      Run MSP file from extracted contents. Install the patch silently by running: MsiExec /quiet /update \patch.msp

  9. ettore says

    HI, I have a problem and I cannot find any info on how to fix it.
    I opened a web page and I want to save it.Clicked File–Save as: Saved like web info. This file went to my Documents and is saved as htm file. When I click it opens several file but is not opening for reading. I have windows 8 and IE 10 desktop. This is a 3 months old Dell Inspiron 660s Desktop and Dell technicians have performed the reinstallation of the Operative System….3 TIMES.
    Can you please help. Thank you

  10. amit says

    How to close a particular tab in a single browser using QTP 11.5 and how to active any browser tab.
    while trying to close a tab in IE using hwnd it is showing object is disabled. Can you help on this

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