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UFT 11.5 – New Critical Patch: Enables Support for Windows 8 and IE 10

UFT 11.5 – New Critical Patch: Enables Support for Windows 8 and IE 10 post image

Unified Functional Testing Patch UFT_00001 Released

With the release of the critical UFT 11.5 Service Pack 11.51 (UFT_00001) Unified Functional Testing now supports Windows 8, IE 10 and more.

I’ve been getting a ton of emails asking when Windows 8 and IE 10 will be supported so I’m happy that this patch is released.

What is new in UFT 11.51

UFT 11.51 Service Pack 1 adds supports for the following

  • Windows 8
  • IE 10
  • Firefox 16 & 17
  • PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.52
  • SAP CRM 7 – including support for the new SAP web Dynpro ABAP 7.01 & 7.02 controls
  • Siebel 8.2.2
  • Rocket BlueZone 6.x terminal emulator
  • Action templates are now supported
  • External Action Properties added
  • Keyword View – Insert Report Step
  • Run Session Stop Key
  • Errors Pane unmapped repository fix
  • Application Area changes

For more detail be sure to read the 11.51 Service Pack Readme after you install. (C:\Program Files\Hp\Unified Functional Testing\help\Readme.htm)

Other UFT 11.51 Patches
HP also released two other 11.51 patches for UFT:

  • UFTEXA_00001 – UFT Extensibility Accelerator Tool
  • UFTRRV_00001 – UFT Run Results Viewer 11.51

How to Get Service Pack 11.51

Like I said, this is a critical patch, so save yourself some headaches and install it now. To get UFT_00001.EXE either request it from HP support or you can download it from http://www.joecolantonio.com/downloads

What other Patches are available for Unified Functional Testing 11.5?

For an updated list of all patches available for UFT 11.X check out the Patches section in my article: UFT 11.5 Support Matrix with Patch Updates


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  • Laura S.

    Wow, Joe, you are on top of things! thanks for this information. My UFT tests are running so slowly, 50% more slowly that they ran in QTP 11.0. I have Run mode set to FAST…and saved the test under a new name just in case there is a script conversion process that might help…
    I am going to apply this patch and hopefully that will speed things up.
    Thank you, Joe, for all you do! Totally appreciate your blogs! ~Laura

    • Laura S. » Cool – thanks Laura. Let use know if this patch helps fix your slow QTP run time.

  • rahul

    i need help regarding UFT 11.5 ..
    i am try to run UFT 11.5 as an administrator so that i could connect to QC/ALM but i can not integrate the script to SAP logon .
    But if I run UFT 11.5 as an user mode i can not connect to QC/ALM but i can itegrate to SAP logon.
    please can u tell the sollution to this ASAP . It would be great help to me.

  • Mateo

    Hi there!

    thanks for all the good work!

    How do you uninstall this new series of patches?

    I can launch UFT but when opening a test I get a System.BadImageFormatException error…

  • Trudy C

    Hi Joe,

    Recently discovered your site, and I think it is really great.

    On this specific patch, though, you might want to highlight that the support for Windows 8 and IE 10 is “not officially supported” and at “technology preview level”. I didn’t find that out until after I installed the patch. That comment is available only from the patch Readme, which is available only after installing the patch.

  • rahul

    Hi Joe,

    I am using HP UFT 11.5 with HP ALM 11 .
    when i save the tests without any resources its saving quite smoothly but on saving the tests that has Resources associated with it ,UFT is giving a Exception:
    Exception from HRESULT:OX80040839
    can you please help me out in recovering from this issue .


  • yogesh

    is it uft 11.5 support windows 8 metro browse..??

  • Ray C

    We are are migrating to UFT 11.51 and QC/ALM11 in a Win 8 environment. I am unable to connect to QC/ALM11 via UFT 11.51.
    Has anyone else encountered this issue? if so, how did you get around it.

  • penny

    I am trying to run API test to compare a csv file to the table from the database, the csv file is large which is about 40 plus mb, and UFT doesn’t seem to function properly. I ran it for hours but it doean’t finish..

  • where is download link on ur site?
    Thanks a lot for ur help.

  • Christian Roejbaek

    Hi Joe
    Does the servicepacks support silent install? E.g. /qb /silent or similar?


    • Sorry for my late response – I somehow missed this.Yes silen install of patches is supported:
      QuickTest Professional 9.5 and higher (MSI installer):

      Patches and hotfixes can be installed silently by following the below steps:

      Note: There is no buil-in / supported silent installation provided by HP. The below set of steps are provided “AS IS”.

      Extract Contents:
      QTP 9.5 – QTP 11:
      Open Windows console (from “Start -> Run”, type cmd and press )
      In the Windows console, navigate to the folder where the patch executable file is located.
      Extract the MSP from the executable file by running the command:

      .EXE /E .

      Note: Make sure that exists before running the command.

      UFT 11.5+. Extraction can not be done via command line. Run patch/hotfix, follow on-screen instructions to extract files to selected directory.

      Ensure having required Installation permissions. For more information see Document ID KM183747 – What are the minimum permissions required for QuickTest Professional (QTP), Service Test (ST) and/or Unified Functional Testing (UFT)?

      Run MSP file from extracted contents. Install the patch silently by running: MsiExec /quiet /update \patch.msp

  • ettore

    HI, I have a problem and I cannot find any info on how to fix it.
    I opened a web page and I want to save it.Clicked File–Save as: Saved like web info. This file went to my Documents and is saved as htm file. When I click it opens several file but is not opening for reading. I have windows 8 and IE 10 desktop. This is a 3 months old Dell Inspiron 660s Desktop and Dell technicians have performed the reinstallation of the Operative System….3 TIMES.
    Can you please help. Thank you
    [email protected]

  • Bilal Nawaz

    Hey Joe,

    awesome work and help from yoiur side. keep up the good work.


  • amit

    How to close a particular tab in a single browser using QTP 11.5 and how to active any browser tab.
    while trying to close a tab in IE using hwnd it is showing object is disabled. Can you help on this

    • Can you just do something like this: Browser(“title:=The Page Title.*”).Close or Browser(“title:=The Page Title.*”).Click

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