HP UFT – Patch 1 release for UFT 11.52

HP UFT Patch 1 for 11.52 Released

Good news for HP UFT testers, today HP released Patch 1 for UFT 11.52.

New Browser Support

This patch adds browser support for:

  • Chrome version’s 27, 28 and 29 Beta
  • Firefox version’s 22 and 23 Beta

What’s been fixed

  • NTML causing issue when trying to connect UFT 11.5 to ALM 11 now works
  • Fix for “An expected error occurred” error message when clicking or selecting text (through the keyboard) in certain situations has been added to this patch.
  • TEA based add-in created in QTP 11 is broken after upgrading to UFT has been resolved.
  • API test now works with special XML content. This was causing issues when using imported XML files as an HTTP response for REST services.
  • Test object’s property remains with value set by SetTOProperty after using GetROProperty
  • UFT is able to open tests created in QTP 11
  • Script should open in “Ready Only” mode when executed from ALM.
  • The returned value of native functions in UFT 11.5x is “Nothing” as it was in QTP 11.
  • JavaTable issue while using GetROProperty(“column names”) method to retrieve the column names returning an empty value has been fixed
  • It’s possible to copy and paste checkpoints after closing the OR
  • Data-driven checkpoint does not pass if checking the value of an element attribute.
  • Breakpoints in QFL files not working when running test from QC 11.

How to get the UFT 11.52 Patch 1

Click on the patch name below to directly download from HP’s support site (username and password not required):

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