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About Joe

Hi.  I’m Joe.  I’m not selling anything, I’m not a narcissist and I’m not looking for a new  job.

I love my employer and my current work situation.  Then why this  blog, you might ask?  Well, I confess — I’m a little neurotic and paranoid — I’m always waiting  for a layoff or company merger to befall me.  This is simply to help promote my personal brand by sharing some great content that I’m hoping readers will find helpful and fun.

Wait a minute — Fun?   Yes!  I find software test automation fun.  In fact, I love it.  But I also believe there is nothing worse than a boring technical blog.  If I ever do get laid off,  and any of you potential employers out there happen  across my resume out there in the blogosphere, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the good Karma I’ve built up by publishing such automation awesomeness will not go on unrewarded.

My Personal Mission Statement

Becoming a better me (and helping You in the process)



I readily admit that I did have an ulterior motive for creating this blog — I love to learn by reading.
The more I read, the more I post. The more I post, the more people visit my blog.
The more people that visit my blog, the greater the chance that they’ll click on my links. The more links they click  on, the more money I’ll earn to buy more books!
The moral of the story is: Help me keep the loop going!



More About Joe Colantonio:

This mild-mannered software test automation engineer once had dreams of becoming a famous guitar player.  For years I could rarely be found without a guitar in my hands. Later I even attended Berklee College of music–only to become discouraged when I came to the realization that the rock and roll lifestyle was not for me.

Then one day while recording guitar tracks on my computer I had an epiphany. The things I most loved about playing an instrument–the constant learning curve and need for creativity and improvisation, (combined with my gift\curse for  breaking everything I touched), were skills that could also apply to a career in technology—and, BAM!!—a software test automation engineer was born.

Since that time, I’ve been committed to using my creative skills to craft and implement numerous successful  performance and automation solutions for companies such as:

  • OneBeacon Insurance
  • VeriSign
  • GE


This original track was recorded in 1995 with my band at the time “The Rub”.
The Rub-ShotGun