How to Start Performance Testing- The Black Art Revealed

The Black Art of Performance Testing with Scott Moore

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Scott Moore about performance testing and LoadRunner in Episode 38 of TestTalks. The following are the top things I learned from the interview:

What is Performance Testing?

I think performance testing is one of those topics that are misunderstood by most teams. It’s important that before you start a new performance project you get everyone on the same page with the terms and the understanding of what is most important for your project.

Performance testing has multiple types of tests within its definition. One of the most commonly misunderstood concepts is Load testing vs Stress testing.

To help clarify the difference between the two Scott recommends that you choose which approach you are going to take and focus on one of these three areas:

  • The end user experience
  • The hardware performance
  • The software and how it scales

If you can break it down into one of these areas and find out which one is most important to the client, it goes a long way towards knowing how to position your tests.

This helps you to determine if you need to do a Load or Stress Test.

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