How to Getting Started with SikuliX – VIDEO EXAMPLE

Getting Started with SikuliX

I recently spoke with the main developer and maintainer of SikuliX, Raimund Hocke, on Episode 40 of my TestTalks podcast. What’s cool about SikuliX is that it allows you to automate anything you see on your screen using image-based testing. After speaking with Raimund I thought it would also be helpful to create a quick video to show you just how easy it is to get started with SikuliX.

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Scrum is not Agile! How to make BDD toast with Matt Wynne

TestTalks – The Cucumber Book

A few weeks ago I had a great time talking with Matt Wynne, the author of one of my favorite testing books ever, The Cucumber Book – Behavior Driven Development for Testers and Developers. I reviewed this book a while back, but after speaking with Matt I thought I’d revisit a few things that are covered in his book and go over some others we talked about in the world of Cucumber, BDD and Agile.

First, let’s make sure we’re talking about Cucumber the tool and not cucumber the vegetable. Some of you may even be asking, “What is Cucumber?”

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