UFT/QTP – How to use the HP UFT Debugger

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Why use the UFT Debugger?

A debugger is a tool to help you follow the logic of your test code as it runs. Debugging is attempting to figure out the cause of a problem in your test script, and then taking action to fix the problem.

Using the Debug command in UFT allows you to run your test line by line. This is helpful when developing your script when you’re having issues and you need to troubleshoot a problematic area in the script.

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QTP/UFT – Is Google Chrome Frame Supported?

UFT support for Google Chrome Frame

I’ve received a few emails over the past years inquiring about if QTP supported Google Chrome Frame. I’m surprised I’ve never created a post specially to address this question. So rather than to continue to answer each one individually, I thought it would be better to frame my reply in the form of a quick post.

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