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Joe Colantonio

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Unit, TDD and BDD Testing – What‘s the Difference?

Unit, TDD and BDD Testing – What‘s the Difference? post image

“If you wish to converse with me –define your terms” ~Voltaire

Maybe it’s just my luck. But whenever I talk to developers with whom I have to collaborate, inevitably there is some misunderstanding as to the definition of a unit test vs TDD vs BDD. The topic also seems to be the source of serious pushback from developers.
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What is QTP Essentials Edition?

HP UFT 11.50

What is QTP Essentials Edition?

One of my coworkers recently had a contractor working with him that had QTP Essentials installed on his machine. He was trying to connect to our ALM 11 server, and asked me why they were having trouble connecting. After some quick research, I discovered that QTP Essentials only works with QC starter editions.

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Selenium: How to Handle Windows-Based Dialogs and Pop-Ups

Selenium WebDriver Book

How to automate dialogs with Selenium

In my previous post, Selenium + AutoIT: How to Automate Non-Browser Based Functionality, I showed you how to programmatically use Java to automate the Calculator found in Windows.

Today I want to show you an example of how the same approach can be used to automate pop-up windows that you might encounter when using Selenium. Remember, Selenium only works for browser automation. Any time you encounter a non-browser window — like an authentication pop-window — Selenium will not be able to recognize it, since it is an OS-level dialog.
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QTP BPT – TestName Variable Issue

HP UFT 11.50

BPT TestName environment variable not working

A co-worker was recently having issues with some business process testing scripts that he converted from Quick Test Professional 10 to QTP 11. He asked if I had ever heard of any issues with using the TestName environment variable functionality in BPT when running from ALM. I was not aware of any issues, but after doing some quick research I found out the following:

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Winrunner – Life-Long Test Automation Lessons


The Death of Winrunner

I came across some old HP test tool training manuals recently and they reminded me of that cold, fateful day in February of 2008 when I received the HP end-of-support email officially killing off WinRunner. The following is my automation tribute to its passing.

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Performance Testing Concepts – What are Concurrent Users?

Joe Colantonio – Throughput

What are Concurrent Users?

If you’re new to performance testing, one of the first concepts you’ll need to grasp is what concurrent users are. This may come up, for instance, when a manager comes to you — the performance tester — and ask how many concurrent users your site/application can handle. It sounds straightforward enough, but many people don’t really understand what the term “concurrent user” means from a performance testing perspective. Concurrent users are a key performance testing concept.

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Selenium + AutoIT: How to Automate Non-Browser Based Functionality

Selenium + AutoIT: How to Automate Non-Browser Based Functionality post image

The Problem

My team is currently working on a project using Behavior Driven Development and Java. Our main application is browser-based, so we’re also using the Selenium WebDriver with Java; however, our application also has other thick client applications integrated into it.

Most of our automation efforts are fine when using Selenium with BDD, but issues arise whenever we need to perform actions against the thick client applications when testing certain workflows. What to do?

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Clean Test Code – Test Automation Code is Real Code

Clean Test Code – Test Automation Code is Real Code post image

Is Test Automation real Development?

As test engineers, how often have we proclaimed that test automation code is real code– and should be treated like any other development project?

I say it all the time.

Since test automation code is development code, it should adhere to the same standards –code reviews and the like–just like any other development effort.

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Book Review – Scrum Noir – A Silo to Hell

Book Review – Scrum Noir – A Silo to Hell post image

Scrum Noir – A Silo to Hell

Are you on a scrum team that tries to close a sprint without doing any testing? Are you working in an “agile” environment in a two-week sprint that feels more like an endless, accelerated mini-waterfall project? Do the developers on your team automatically assume that any story that contains the word “test” in it is someone else’s responsibility?

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QTP UFT – How to Get a WebElements CSS Style Attributes

HP UFT 11.50

How to get a CSS Style Attribute using UFT

If you’re a long-time user of QuickTest Professional you’ve probably always wished there was an easy way to grab a web page field’s CSS style attributes. Until recently, the only way to get this functionality was to create your own custom (and sometime unreliable) solution to do this.

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