Applitools – What is Visual Validation Testing

Applitools – Stress-Free Visual Validation Testing

Adam Carmi is the co-founder of Applitools, a company that specializes in visual validation. Last week I was lucky enough to speak to him about visual validation testing on an episode of Test Talks. I think it was a great episode, and many of the things I touch on in this post you can listen to in detail in –> Episode 43 <–.

Why is Visual Validation so hard?

If anyone has tried doing any sort of visual testing using tools like Eggplant and UFT Insight, you know how hard it is to make these types of tests reliable. Sometimes the tests are so fragile you can only run them on the same machine they were developed on to avoid flaky tests. There are many reasons for this, but it’s mostly due to pixels being slightly off from one browser or OS.

Applitools is different in that it was developed from the ground up for visual validation and its sophisticated algorithm was designed to handle many pixel issues that most other image-based testing tools have a hard time handling.

Applitools allows you to find and automatically detect all the visual bugs to validate the visual correctness of your application.

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