QuickTest Pro – Missing Menu Items.

This drives me crazy! Occasionally I find that QTP is missing some of its menu items. I see this on different machine at different times. And I’ve seen the behavior in QTP 11 and QTP 10 – not sure what causes it. Doing a re-install “repair’ option doesn’t even fix it. But no worries — here is a quick fix. To restore all your menu items:

  • Right click on the QTP toolbar and select Customize…
  • In the Customize dialog choose the Toolbars tab
  • Under the Toolbars tab click on the ‘Restore All’ button
  • All your menu items should now appear.

    Hope this saves someone some time.

    rahul - September 9, 2011

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks a lot for the solution. It saved my time. Even i did the same i.e reinstall but again it was there. thanks a ton again :)

    Also, i got a wiered problem yesterday that i was unable to type or click on the Test Window. didn;t get any solution even after googling it. Do you know what might be the reason and possible solution .

    Thanks again .

      Joe Colantonio - September 9, 2011

      rahul » Hi Rahul – I’m glad this helped you! This happens to one of my machines at least once a month – it use to drive me crazy. Cheers~Joe

        Suresh Madhavarao - March 22, 2012

        hello Joe,
        thanks a lot, simple steps and Best one.
        i too reinstalled and lot of excercise i did.
        finally i got this solution from your blog

        thanks a lot
        I’m facing one more issues, when automation running, when scipts try to delete some option in my application there will be windows popup dialog like “Are you sure you want to delete” with OK and cancle button. i use to take RDC and run the script and i minimize/closed the rdc. that time this dialog goes behind the app and qtp not able to find and click on OK button. how to solve this.


          Joe Colantonio - March 27, 2012

          Suresh Madhavarao »
          Hi Suresh – before you try to click on the button do you first perform an active and a move on the dialog? For example:

          Dialog(“your dialog”).Activate
          Dialog(“your dialog”).Move 200,200.

          I also sometimes have odd issues when using RDC. That’s why i use either RealVNC or TightVNC whenever I can.

    Tinu - September 15, 2011

    thank u..u saved a hell lot of time..thank u very much.

      Joe Colantonio - September 16, 2011

      Tinu » Thanks Tinu – Glad it helped you! Cheers~Joe

    malathi - December 12, 2011

    Thanks a lot.
    It is really a great help .
    Best Wishes.

      Joe Colantonio - December 13, 2011

      malathi »This is a real annoying issue so I’m glad my quick fix worked for you!

    Claus - February 1, 2012

    This fix saved my day! Working with both QTP 10 & 11, this fix is really helpfull. Keep up the good work on this site. Thank you!

      Joe Colantonio - February 1, 2012

      Claus » Awesome!

    Anandh - March 1, 2012

    Its working fine.Thanks alot

      Joe Colantonio - March 2, 2012

      Anandh » Cool!

    Loshto - March 8, 2012

    Thanks Joe , this is the second its been happening and i decided to google and walla!! i found a solution from this website!!

      Joe Colantonio - March 9, 2012

      Loshto » Cool – that’s what I like to hear :)

    Olga Corredor - May 15, 2012

    Muchas gracias, despues de varios dias intentando repararlo he logrado solucionarlo.. Muy Muy util información.

    Thank you very much.

      Joe Colantonio - May 16, 2012

      Olga Corredor » Awesome!

    Suresh Madhavarao - June 24, 2012

    hello Joe,
    I’m facing one issues, while automation running on RDC, there is some popup to confirm like for deleting “Are you sure want to delete” click Yes or NO and cancle button. When i close the RDC or Minimize, QTP not able to locate the OK button and error message were displayed. How to handle this, i belive i tried with activate option also, it didnt work.
    please suggest a solution.


    Tanka from Russia - June 26, 2012

    Hi! Thanks a lot! For couple of hours I’ve been thought I am a genious-software-hacker =)

    SebastianL - July 16, 2012

    Thanks for the solution. It´s fast and useful. Congrats for your work.

      Joe Colantonio - July 17, 2012

      SebastianL » Thanks Sebastian!

    Naveen - July 25, 2012

    Hi Joe …

    Great work … keep rocking Joe
    I m unlucky that i got this solution after wasting so much of time in that ….Happy that i got the solution now

    reddy - September 11, 2012

    Awesome, Joe.

    rk - October 10, 2012

    thanks for the solution. i tried many options.. modify, repair, uninstall, clean install.. but nothing worked.. atlast found this simple way :)

    Chris - November 13, 2012

    Ohhh… y didn’t i think of it..!!!! In the Cutomize option tried adding all the needed menu items as command buttons as a quick fix… but that didn’t work as well… wouldn’t allow a drag drop! Thanks! Glad i didn’t try the re-install :)

    monica - November 17, 2012

    thank you so much. it worked. it was going crazy. i was trying to reinstall no of ties and all in vain. your solution was quick and easy. thanks again :)

    swetr - January 11, 2013

    One BIG thank you. I was almost crazy from trying different unsuccessful solutions. You saved me.

    Chandra - January 21, 2013

    Thanks Joe! This is a very quick solution for missing QTP menu items problem. Your solution resolved my issue.

    Thanks again,

    Jeff - January 29, 2013

    Thanks! Clever guy.

    Vinay - February 18, 2013

    Thanks Joe it worked for me:)

    Deepika - March 12, 2013

    Thanks alot it really worked well

    corey - April 1, 2013

    Just saved me today. Thanks Joe!

    SumaGeorge - April 4, 2013

    Thanks Much Joe! You are Awesome!

    Karthik - April 5, 2013

    Thanks joe!, tot QTP got crashed, because on few occasion while importing excel to datatable QTP will close due to unexpected error

    Anshul - April 9, 2013

    Thank You so much… You saved me a lot of time…

    Terence - May 1, 2013

    Thank you – This was driving me crazy for a while!

    Pavan Acharya - May 21, 2013

    Thanks a lot. This was driving me crazy. Your solutions really work !

    Aravindhan - May 24, 2013

    Hi Joe

    I tried with the solution given by you. i.e., to restore the toolbar. But it didn’t work for me. Still facing the same issue. Any other solutions?

    Karun - June 19, 2013

    Thanks for the solution.

    Ondrej - July 12, 2013

    Joe, i was about to reinstall qtp and realized i somewhere lost my license keys, so… I am very happy now, thanks!!

    Ananth - August 13, 2013

    Thanks a lot. I was in the middle of work and this thing made me to reinstall the software…
    Your solution helped me a lot

    Deepti - August 28, 2013

    Thanks a Ton Joe ! Keep up the good work.
    Many thanks again,

    saju ta - September 13, 2013

    Great Solution!!!!!!!

    vishwani - September 25, 2013

    Thanks a Lot!!!!! It saved my time…I appriciate it…

    chinna krishna reddy - October 3, 2013

    i tried so many ways but but i didn’t solution
    but this video is very usefull, thanks a lot

    Ayelet - October 23, 2013


    Thank you very much! it was very helpful video!


    Raviteja - November 11, 2013

    Hi Joe,

    I came to know that the Quality center supports version control by having a third party plug in. But the problem was that the plug in saves the previous version in qc database. May i know that can we make that plug in save the changes(versions) in my local system instead of the qc database.

    Thanks in advance.


      Joe Colantonio - November 13, 2013

      What version of QC are you using – the newer versions only have built in version control.

    Pratik - December 26, 2013

    Wonderful Solution and it saved lot of time

    GIRISH - February 4, 2014

    Hi Joe,

    I reinstalled UFT but the problem persisted, your solution saved a lot of time, thanks a lot.

    Any idea why this happens? it happened to me after installing PDF Test Toolkit and i thought that was the main culprit.

    But after going through your page realized issue is with UFT.


      Joe Colantonio - February 4, 2014

      Hi Girish – Unfortunately I have not been able to track this behavior down to a single cause.

    Benak - June 2, 2014

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks a lot for the solution.


    Paul Grossman - August 25, 2014

    Hey Joe,

    This one hit me this AM, again. I really wish they would resolve this thing. Particularly as I have the wrong button, “Restore Layout”, memororized as the solution. Thanks to you and Google it was a quick fix.

    srinivas - November 5, 2014

    Nice tip and it worked magically

    Mike L - January 5, 2015

    I have tried this and it does not work for me. The Menu Bar goes away if you open a script or start a new one. It does appear when you first go into QTP’s “Start Page”.

    Nitesh - March 26, 2015

    When we open HP QTP 11 then menu bar is shown. But if we take “new test” then menu bar is not shown. I tried these steps: Right-click on status bar-> then go to ” customized”-> then go to ” toolbar”-> But then there is “Menu Bar” is option/check-box is not clicked/ is not select. Then please give me the solution for select the check-box of Menu bar. why menu bar is not selected by me. Kindly request to you give me the solution quickly for shown Menu Bar when we open new test.

    James - March 31, 2015

    Thank you very much, a problem I have seen a number of times, hadn’t realised how simple the fix was!

    M Adnan - June 2, 2015

    Great Help… Thanx

    Sankar K. - May 8, 2016

    Great. It’s working now. Thanks a lot…

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