HP Service Test 11.20 Critical Patch Release SOAST_00065

Patch Alert

HP just released a new critical patch (SOAST_00065) for Service Test 11.20. This patch includes many feature updates and multiple fixes for known issues.

What features have been updated?

SOAST_00065 fixes the following known issues:

  • Logic added in Service Test that monitors and automatically removes unnecessary links
  • Errors when an ampersand is part of a test’s folders name
  • Changing an BPT property value ends up resetting the value in the Test Plan module
  • Issues with drag and drop activity from a Web Service when a “complexType has already been declared”
  • Links for data sources not resolved in the Service Test’s output tab for the first iteration of the ‘Run Program” activity
  • Loops within Loops issue when trying to use links to Excel data sources – the index of the first element is changed to the second element after the first iteration
  • Service Test 11.20 and Quality Center 10 Checkpoint’s failing but passes test in QC 10
  • Unmanageable window and column size when using the Update Step wizard
  • Unable to upgrade ST scripts created in ST 11.00 to 11.20 (Cool! this one was really annoying to me)
  • No access to HTTP response headers when using REST steps
  • Import WSDL issues when using a WSDL that contained documentation elements
  • Deleting and Creating links to data sources created duplication of data queries
  • More data/time formats now supported
  • Adding new steps to an existing test are ignored
  • ‘Get Folder Content’ search pattern activity is not evaluated correctly on some machines
  • Unable to import the sample flight application demo’s WSDL when running from outside of the network
  • Problems with Access DB connection strings generated when using the ST connection builder wizard
  • What is fixed?

    The following features have been updated with this patch release:

  • Property Links
  • Run-time
  • Run Program Activity
  • Upgrade
  • HTTP Request Activity
  • Format Date/Time Activity
  • Get Folder Content Activity
  • REST Activity
  • DB Activities
  • Sample Flight Application
  • Get the Patch

    Like I said, this is a critical patch, so save yourself some headaches and install it now. To get SOAST_00065 either request it from HP support or you can download it from https://www.joecolantonio.com/downloads

    For an updated list of all patches available for Service Test 11 check out the Patches section in my article: Service Test 11 Support Matrix with Patch Updates

    Kurt Spiegel - February 7, 2012

    Thanks for posting this critical patch Joe!

      Joe Colantonio - February 9, 2012

      Kurt Spiegel » Thanks Kurt! Hope it resolves some issues for you. Cheers~Joe

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