LoadRunner 11 – Critical Patch Release 4

LoadRunner Critical Patch Release

Today HP released Patch 4 which is a cumulative critical patch that contains all the previous patches for LoadRunner 11.

What’s been updated

Patch 4 contains the following updates:

  • The LoadRunner 11 Controller now supports integration with HP Service Virtualization. This also give you the ability to deploy virtual services created with the HP Service Virtualization in the Controller.
  • Loadrunner now has the ability to format Google Web Toolkit Format Extension (GWT DFE) payload data into readable content. This enables you to correlate and parameterize GWT data.
  • New Messaging support – The Flex protocol has been enhanced to record and replay of messaging. This has been verified to work with Adobe LiveCycle Data Services Es2 Version 3.1
  • New Streaming support – The Flex protocol has also been enhanced to support the record and replay if streaming.

What’s been fixed

    Analysis Issues:

  • Analysis template storage
  • Analysis Transactions graphs – Properties pane is disabled
  • Graphs are not consistent in including Think Time
  • Analysis report generation failed when certain network interfaces named with “{}” chars are included in a windows resources network monitor.
  • Correlation Issues:

  • Flex Correlations – LoadRunner now supports correlations for the Flex protocol.
  • Correlation Engine – correlation studio could not find correlations
  • Correlation rules are not applied to the lrw_custom_body.h file
  • LoadRunner 11 correlation studio fails to find correlations previously recognized in LoadRunner 9.52.
  • GWT Issues:

  • GWT – support needed in Web transport protocols
  • GWT – Need to be able to successfully record and replay the script for the full business process which uses GWT technology
  • Citrix Issues:

  • Citrix – script fails with error “To logon to remote computer you must have Terminal Server User Access permissions
  • Citrix – mmdrv.exe errors are received during Load Tests for Citrix protocols
  • Corrected input handling
  • Crashes and WTF’s:

  • Vugen crashes when trying to open recording options for Web scripts
  • Exception ACCESS_VIOLATION received when replaying Web script in Vugen with content check enabled
  • VuGen – crashes with the EXCEPTION_STACK_OVERFLOW in module ScriptAnalyzer.dll error while saving large scripts
  • C interpreter run time error when using web_global_verification & web_reg_save_param_regexp
  • Exception occurs when invoking the WriteObject method
  • Java Over HTTP script does not compile due to illegal escape characters in BodyBinary data
  • PasswordEncoder tool crashes on Windows 2008 64-bit
  • SSL is disabled by default
  • BPM – Script fails on BPM 9.02 due to web_reg_find failures
  • Incorrect code generation for web_reg_save_param_ex
  • Remove RequestUrl parameter when it’s not needed in web_reg_save_param_ex function
  • QC/ALM Issues:

  • QC/ALM – Some paramaters passed to wlrun.exe via the command line for connecting to Quality Center/ALM do not work correctly
  • QC/ALM – Cross Result Summary does not display 2nd test name when connected to Quality Center
  • Web Services Issues:

  • WSDL – Loadrunner unable to import WSDL’s that define the same element more than once
  • Silverlight Issues:

  • Silverlight – Error during replay of Silverlight script due to more than 32 levels of nesting in XML file

Get the Patch

Like I said, this is a critical patch, so save yourself some headaches and install it now.
Patch 4 is made up of four patches and each can be downloaded from HP:

To get the LoadRunner Patches you can go to HP’s self solve patch section. Sorry – I don’t have enough space to store them in my downloads section https://www.joecolantonio.com/downloads

FYI – Install Info Update

The LoadRunner 11.00 Patch 04 release is a cumulative release and contains the content from the Patch 01 ,Patch 02 and Patch 03 releases.

You must have the Critical Update installed before installing Patch 04.
Patch 0, also known as “Critical Update” (KM999242),needs to be installed before Patch 4.
The Patch 4 ReadMe does not include this info, but this is requirement!

Suha - March 6, 2012

Nice information.Thank you very much.

    Joe Colantonio - March 6, 2012

    Suha » Cool – thanks Suha!

Balaji - March 14, 2012

Hi Joe,
I am new to vugen, and I’m trying to record a citrix application using multi protocol Web HTTP/HTML and citrix_ICA. After recording I noticed that vugen is not compiling the citrix portion alone. Is there any patch available?.

vugen 9.10 Multi Protocol Citrix/HTTP.
IE 7.0.
Thanks in advance,

Balaji - March 14, 2012

Please find below the presentation server version:
Citrix Presentation Server Client – web
version 10.100.55836

Swapnil - March 27, 2012

Hi Joe,
I am working on secured network and there is no internet in this env., so I am unable to update Loadrunner from the menu.
However I have access to internet from some other machine, can you please provide me the URLs for these updates. The Hyperlinks in your post are not accessible anymore. Help appreciated.


QA Trainee - March 28, 2012

Having problems with Loadrunner correlation. The above links for patch 4 dont work and unable to find patch4 on HPwebsite. Please help.

    Joe Colantonio - March 28, 2012

    QA Trainee » Sorry the links should be working now. Sorry – I don’t have enough space to store them in my downloads sectionhttps://www.joecolantonio.com/downloads

      QA Trainee - March 28, 2012

      The list of downloads does not have these four as you have advised to download
      ■LoadRunner Controller – LR_03105
      ■ Load Generator – LRLG_00020
      ■ VuGen – LRVUG_00028
      ■ Analysis – LRANLSYS_00026
      Hp website is giving me this error message-
      “Add Contract to your profile”
      I still need help with finding the patch-Help
      Thank You

QA Trainee - March 28, 2012

Tried the link on Swapnil-blog for patches but gives me the following error message on HP website.
Unable to access the page you requested.
Please Help

PainedbyLR - May 25, 2012

Hi Joe,
Quick question. For a box that has complete Load Runner 11 installed, we need to install just LR_03105 and not each of the patches mentioned in yoru list:
■LoadRunner Controller – LR_03105
■Load Generator – LRLG_00020
■VuGen – LRVUG_00028
■Analysis – LRANLSYS_00026

Please clarify as I am facing a LOT of issues with Silverlight proctocol in LR and was under the impression that LR_03105 alone takes care of all components of LR on the box. Thanks.

    Joe Colantonio - May 25, 2012

    PainedbyLR » Hi – Yes I think LR_03105 should update all the LR componets. Unless you are trying to run on a load generator that did not have lrg_00020 installed.

kiran - May 31, 2012

Hi Joe,
Really wonderful and helpful site. Especially about the patches. Is there any possibility for you to store QC 10.0/11.0 patches.
Best regards

    Joe Colantonio - May 31, 2012

    kiran » Thank – glad you like the site. I don’t have enough space on my web host to store the QC patches. I’m looking for another option to store larger files.

Gautam - June 7, 2012

Hi Joe,
Thanks for upadating new patch. Could you please tell me in which version of loadrunner Mobile Protocol is available.

    Joe Colantonio - June 9, 2012

    Gautam » Hi – the Mobile App (HTTP/HTML) protocol was added to LoadRunner 11 in Patch 3.

Divya - June 22, 2012

Hi Joe,

I did a fresh installation of LR 11.0 on my system and when I tried to download the patches that u mentioned above I get a message saying”The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service because the program to be upgraded is missing,or teh upgrade patch may update a diffrerent version of teh program.Verify the program to be upgraded exists on your system and taht you have the correct upgrade patch”.I see that Load Runner is installed fine.

Please help!!


    Joe Colantonio - June 22, 2012

    Divya » Hi Divya – I just dbl checked and found the following update on HP’s site:

    The LoadRunner 11.00 Patch 04 release is a cumulative release and contains the content from the Patch 01 ,Patch 02 and Patch 03 releases.
    You must have the Critical Update installed before installing Patch 04.
    Patch 0, also known as “Critical Update” (KM999242),needs to be installed before Patch 4.
    The Patch 4 ReadMe does not include this info, but this is requirement!

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