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QC 10 Monthly patch 28 released

This weekend HP released a monthly patch 28 for Quality Center 10.00. The patch names are:


Patch Name











What’s been fixed?

  • A user from the Windows default Users group cannot open .msg attachments.
  • System tests running with planned hosts do not record results correctly.
  • Access violation at address 0E744159 in module QCCLIE.OCX
  • The AuditRecord object s .Time property and AU_TIME field only display the date, not the time.
  • Requirements report with Trace to Sub reports not working as expected
  • In the Output Parameter dialog box for flows, validation errors can lead to corruption
  • Using selected group iterations in a flow does not function as expected.
  • Some flows are skipped when executing a business process test from the Test Plan module.
  • Flows are not executed when being used multiple times in a business process test.
  • When the attachment delete button is hidden and disabled by workflow, it is still possible to delete the attachment using the DELETE key.
  • Cancel button string in Cross Project Customization is not informative label.
  • Access violations occur on a specific template project and projects created from this template.
  • When performing a bulk update, you can change the test type in the Test Plan Module. This causes type inconsistencies for the test and displays an error.
  • There is a problem with pasting test sets and linking to existing related entities.
  • Wrong status updates appear in Test Instance and Test statuses after a run.
  • There is a script performance issue after upgrading to QuickTest 10.0 and Quality Center 10.0.
  • Synchronization fails if it is necessary to resurrect old deleted entities (entities that were deleted several synchronizations before and were not resurrected in prior synchronizations)in a destination library.
  • The ServerFileName attribute of a checked out test returns an incomplete path.
  • The items or subitems entries in Project List after pressing the Save Button.
  • X-axis categories are not sorted alphabetically in Quality Center 10.0 Dashboard > Summary graphs.
  • Progress graphs using the Sum of option displays empty results.
  • The Quality Center Licenses tab shows a count that is larger than the total connected users in the Connections tab. Limitation: The defect was only fixed, but not tested.
  • The user interface appears corrupted when minimizing or maximizing a window in Quality Center Explorer on Microsoft windows 7 64 bit.
  • Database configuration improvements by creating QC Sense schema automatically.
  • Unable to open exported QC Sense report in *.PPT file format due to error while opening PowerPoint 2010
  • Error selecting attachment from Quality Center test as data table for QuickTest 11.0 test
  • The Test_MoveTo is triggered twice when switching from tree view to grid view.
  • Deleting release through workflow with OTA invalidates tree view.
  • The flow of the Description posting was wrong, causing an infinite loop when leaving the Description tab. The Exit procedure was called on continuously.
  • Components are still associated with BPT Test in Test_MoveTo Sub after removal.
  • Missing Tests and/or Components from the Quality Center Repository.
  • Impossible to create a component using AddItem with parameters. Note: The component default status is set to Under Development.
  • When we move a component request from its folder we update the status field, in order to apply this change for all users, we need to check in the component.
  • Performance issue while refreshing folders containing large numbers of Business Components.
  • There is a problem with QC Sense on Linux server in Quality Center10.00.
  • SQL injection is possible during search in UI.
  • Failed to Get Run Value error window appears when the user tries to configure a report related to the Test Lab module in the Dashboard module.
  • Cannot open Quality Center test results from failed tests when executing test sets in parallel mode.
  • OTA application stops working after several runs on a Multi-CPU Windows system.
  • Dashboard Module Graphs intermittently will not generate.
  • Live analysis is not showing data on the content of its inner folders.
  • The search functionality in Dashboard > Test Summary Graph > Filter > Subject does not function properly.
  • An error in the test integrity that was caused by an undo-check-out action on the flow caused an error in the execution of the test.
  • After adding new step, the focus does not change.
  • While comparing baselines, the Test Set Folder name change doesn’t show as Modified
  • There was a problem with the Data Providers for the Create New Design Step form and the Design Steps tab.
  • Quality Center10 Cross Project Customization: Very slow performance when applying customization and viewing project lists from a Template project.
  • The following error message appears Access violation… in the Defects module>Analysis menu> when the defects grid is empty.
  • Quality Center crashes, usually with an out of memory exception, due to processing a large volume of data in a data table when generating a graph.
  • After running certain business process tests that contain certain components/flows, output parameters are not being written to the BP_STEP_PARAM table after the tests have completed.
  • When a data hiding filter is propagated from a template to a linked project for a group that is a template group, an error message is displayed when the user accesses the test plan module.
  • The following error message is displayed: “You can’t not have the required permissions to execute this action.” This occurs when the template is applied to a project and a user is a member of group that has access (check box checked) for the tasks.
  • There is a mismatch between the Defect Details dialog box and the selected defect.
  • When a user applies customization from a template project to a linked project,fields that refer to lists that are part of IGNORE_TEMPLATE_LISTS point to some other list.
  • Transition rules do not get removed from the linked project when you delete them from the template and apply customization.
  • Access violation error appears while working in a Quality Center project on X64 operating systems.
  • Sense performs an operation that accesses the operating system (RandomUID). A bug in certain operation systems throws an exception. This exception causes the job manager to fail.
  • Cut/paste of requirement descriptions causes an access violation error.
  • Unchecking Add Requirement permission prevents drag and drop of requirements. Note: User needs Modify permission only for moving or dragging and dropping a requirement.
  • After changing the view (Tree-Coverage),the bottom panel in the Requirements module is not displayed.
  • It is now possible to hide the Progress and Quality tabs from the Releases and Cycles modules. Note: The site parameter HIDE_RELEASE_CALCULATION_VIEWS now hides these tabs if set to Y .
  • The Quality Center 10 server reaches its maximum heap memory size and does not release any memory, causing the application to crash several times a week. Note: The new site parameter CLEAN_PROJECT_CACHE_INTERVAL now sets the interval for cleaning the project cache (time specified in minutes).
  • PolicyStatus.Administrators returns an incorrect list.
  • The Copy URL option does not work when Internet Explorer is not the default browser on the client machine. If Internet Explorer is not the default browser on the client machine, add a string data IEPath under the following registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MercuryInteractive\TestDirector\General The name of the value is IEPath and the data of the value is the path of IE browser on the machine. Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
  • Test attachments that are version-controlled revert to an older version during check in.
  • Parameter values are lost after copying a test that contains a call to a test.
  • If you modify the description of a test, and then add an attachment to a design step of the test before posting the test, the modifications made to the description are lost.
  • When creating new design steps to a manual test, the step name is empty and disabled (grayed out). Note: This problem only appears in manual tests where no previous design steps were created.
  • When uploading attachments in Quality Center 10.00, the attachment size is displayed as 0 KB.
  • When setting a sort without setting a filter, empty folders are hidden.
  • An Unspecified Error is displayed in Quality Center while executing test cases.
  • Promotion of parameters in the test script disappears.
  • QuickTest Professional cannot submit defects automatically.
  • QuickTest.Application.Test Save As operations fail in one Quality Center project.
  • Quality Center could not run tests on other machines on the host list if the first machine is not available, even if QTP_00763 is installed.
  • When using Windows 7 and setting the UAC at Medium: No preexisting attempts to use Quality Center on that machine. A user attempts to install Quality Center in non-admin mode. The same user then installs components via the MSI package (with admin rights).
  • Many entries in the AUDIT_LOG table when editing test set fields.
  • Object reference not set to an instance of an object error message is displayed when generating the Test Lab report Cross Test Set with Failed Test Runs.
  • Quality Center 10.0 client crashes when using a project with SAP extensions on a Windows 7 64 bit client.
  • Log in without administrative rights is not possible.
  • workflow subroutines Req_FieldCange and Req_FieldCanChange are not triggered when performing Assign to Cycle on a requirement
  • Access violation errors and catastrophic failure errors are displayed from the Dashboard when accessing items from the Drill Down Results.
  • Errors occur when comparing designs steps after enabling version control with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8.
  • Changes are not posted when the Go To Test event is taken from search results.

What’s been enhanced?

  • Service Test Management is certified for Microsoft MSSQL 2008 SP2.
  • Compare baseline: A renamed TestSetFolder is now displayed as Modified.
  • A new parameter for controlling the size of the attachments is now available
  • The following environments are now certified:
    • Business Process Testing and Service Test 11.2 were certified on Windows 2008R2 SP1 as a server.
    • Business Process Testing and Service Test 11.2 were certified on Oracle
    • Business Process Testing and Service Test 11.2 were on Windows Vista SP2 32bit as a client.
  • For example a test might cover 5 requirements in 5 different locations and it is not desirable to have to save all requirements in these 5 folders (also, it can be very difficult to locate the right locations in a complex tree structure). A linked entities option would be a nice feature. Limitation: The parameter IS_SHOW_ADVANCED_SHARING (values: Y, N) should be added to the Site Configuration to enable the feature Adding filtering capabilities when creating library (Advanced filter) is missing.
  • Quality Center 10.0 is supporting Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0
  • Quality Center 10.0 is supporting Citrix 6.0 for QC Client Limitation : Other integrations may not support this yet, please follow their releases.
  • Quality Center 10.0 Server is supporting Microsoft SQL 2008 SP2 Limitation: ST/STM were not certified on MSSQL 2008 SP2
  • The Public Analysis Favorites is available in the Analysis menu in Quality Center 10.00. The Entity tree will be added to all sub standard reports from type Test instance in order to avoid the need going back and forth between Test Lab and Dashboard module and to select Test Set from the Test Plan tree in the report configuration view.
  • Pin to baseline now takes the baselines requirement test coverage into account. Note: Enable the set system parameter GET_COVERAGE_FROM_BL_FOR_PINNED_TESTSET to Y.
  • Quality Center 10.00 patch 22 is now certified on Win Server 2008 R2. For installation instructions, make a support request.
  • Unable to generate QC Sense reports on Web logic App server deployment Limitation: Null pointer Exception returned in QC Sense Report Viewer while trying to get Server Statistics
  • report And Operation Flow report type.
  • Quality Center Connectivity Helper – .NET component introduced in ALM-11 that used with external testing tools to provide ability of working with OTA in isolated environment. QCCH could work both with QC10 and QC11 servers.
  • Please go to the Supersedes section and select the link to view Supersedes patch content.

Wow that’s a ton of changes – how do I get this patch?

To get the TD4CQ for QC 10 you can download it from HP’s self solve patch section. Sorry – I don’t have enough space to store it in my downloads section https://www.joecolantonio.com/downloads

maggi - April 9, 2012

I like to know QCv10 patch 23 – PATCH NAME (General Release)… could you please provide me the patch name

    Joe Colantonio - April 9, 2012

    maggi » Hi Maggie – sorry for some reason QC Patch 23 is no longer listed under HP’s patch section. I know that they are cumulative so the latest one would contain all the fixes from 23. Does anyone else know what the actual patch name was 23 TD4QC_?????

shruti - December 4, 2012

hi. We are facing an issue. The grid view in Test Lab is not visible. We are not able to see the test names( left pane) although all the tabs in right pane(details, execution grid. execution flow etc) are visible. The current patch of HPQC ver 10 is 22. do you recommend upgrading the patch? will this help resolve the issue?

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