ALM/Quality Center – Latest Patch Critical Release 09

ALM/QC TD4QC Critical Release

FYI – HP just released critical patch TD4QC for ALM/Quality Center 11. The patch names are:


Patch Name

Windows – 32-bit


Windows – 64-bit








What’s been fixed?

  • When a test configuration on a version-controlled project has Passed status test coverage, the status remains Not completed Limitation: QCCR1J24642: Fix does not work for projects that are already corrupted.
  • The Requirements module for ALM 11 Patch 6, the coverage analysis shows false results for test configuration results.
  • Copy to Clipboard in the Coverage Analysis dialog box is missing content. Solution: The problem is fixed
  • Failed to Get Coverage error is displayed when trying to access test coverage using the Status filters and when the test coverage has a coverage status of N/A.
  • Modified (RQ_VTS) field is not displayed in the Requirement Detail page.
  • Only the last child requirements test configuration is displayed when its parent requirement is selected in Full Coverage Mode.
  • The confirmation message is hidden behind the Update Selected progress bar if updating a requirement with children.
  • After deleting a trace from or trace to requirement, if the row was not entirely selected when adding new one, the error Index was out of range…. is displayed all the time for the same operation.
  • You should not be able to add the Req: Rich Text column in the Traceability/Relationships tab. The Req: Rich Text column in no longer available in the Select Columns dialog of the Traceability/ Relationships tab. If this column was previously added in a project with Service Pack 3 that was later updated to patch 9, the column stays in the grid but is not available in the Select Columns dialog box. Moreover, it disis displayed from the grid the next time the user opens the Select Columns dialog box and clicks OK. Limitation: When the column is still visible in the grid, the user is not able to see images in this field.
  • Single and double quotes in a requirements rich text area convert to scrambled characters when upgraded from Quality Center 10.00 to ALM 11.00. Limitation: This solution fixes future rich text conversions. To fix already-converted rich text, a rollback is needed.
  • The quick search for subfolders in Requirements tree does not work. Limitation: This solution fixes future rich text conversions. To fix already-converted rich text, a rollback is needed.
  • Only the last child requirement’s test configuration displayed when a parent requirement is selected in Full Coverage mode.
  • When using data-hiding for a group and the Defect Field Customization, the error Invalid field Name is thrown.
  • Tests with parameters exported from Microsoft Excel are corrupted and subsequent use of this test causes issues.
  • User sets up filter to find a defect and adds comments by clicking the Add Comment button. When the add is completed, user clear the filtering and All modifications appear to be lost. Limitation: This fix is applicable only to the Defects module.
  • An exception is displayed when resizing columns in an empty Defects module grid, and then logging out and logging in. Limitation: This fix is applicable only to the Defects module. Test Plan
  • The following error is displayed in the Test Script Tab in the Test Plan module: Error while updating views Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {63A6D15C-7DBC-4EB6-89F8-5DEB99D24C6B} failed due to the following error 80131522.
  • When performing a replace operation in Descriptions fields in the Test Plan module, formatting is erased and the text is displayed as plain text.
  • The scroll bar on Select Output Parameter dialog box is not displayed properly and does not work properly.
  • Exporting Test Plan grid data to Excel after applying a filter fails with the error Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.
  • The ‘Insert Parameter’ button is incorrectly enabled for ‘Call to Test’ design steps.
  • Hotkey selection (the ability to select by typing in the first letters) is not functional in the Test Plan module.
  • When test steps are copied from one test and pasted into another, control buttons (such as edit, renumber, delete test step) are not enabled.
  • The Cannot display test. Make sure the test exists in the database error is displayed when opening the Test Script tab, and you cannot open tests from QuickTest Professional in some projects.
  • A parameter`s Default/Actual values are not substituted in the steps when using Manual Runner if the parameter name contains spaces. Limitation: Only single spaces are fixed only. Parameter names with multiple spaces are still problematic.
  • An access violation occurs while running or viewing corrupted tests in Quality Center/ALM. Solution: Informative message with details on how to solve the problem is shown whenever such a test is viewed or run.
  • Deleting a versioned test may cause data corruption.
  • Errors item does not exist and Controllers of data type handle only one type of entity per instance are displayed all the time while creating new tests after deleting an already-run test that contains linked tests.
  • The ALT + N shortcuts in the Parameters and Design Steps tabs do not behave as expected.
  • Requirement is locked for the user that has checked the entity out.
  • LoadRunner scenarios fail to run from ALM11.
  • Unnecessary folders are displayed in the Select Test tree in the Execution Grid when applying a cross-filter.
  • The Object reference not set to an instance of an object error message is displayed when clicking the Runs button in the Test Instance Details dialog box opened from the Live Analysis Drill Down analysis window.
  • The Automatic Runner does not switch to other hosts in a host group when the current tested host is busy with another test.
  • The Unspecified error message is displayed when running business process test whose name exceeds 180 chars.
  • The ‘Failed to PasteData’ error message is displayed when copying a test set after deleting a test configuration in a version-controlled project.
  • Test runs are not copied during a copy existing project operation, if all checkboxes are checked.
  • The test instance order is incorrect when Order by Name is used and the backend is Oracle.
  • Clicking on a grouping row in the test grid throws an exception.
  • User-defined field for test sets do not have support for Multiple Value.
  • Users cannot log in when the Format and Input Language regional settings are different.
  • When logging in to project upgraded from Quality Center 10.00, not all lists are visible.
  • ALM fails to load the login screen when using reverse proxy with form authentication.
  • The spell checking comments fields does not advance the user to the next misspelled word.
  • A Thesaurus.Model Error is displayed when users click the Thesaurus button.
  • Users needed the OTA API to convert filter XML to filter text, in order to be able to use favorite’s filter, which is saved in an XML format. by adding a new API: IFavoriteFactory2.Convert. This method gets a filter in an XML format, and converts it to filter text format, usable an ordinary OTA API. Limitation: OTA API should be consumed by running the HP ALM Client registration add-in. The API is not available in isolated mode.
  • Image scaling is corrupted after rich text conversion from Quality Center 10.00 to ALM 11.00.
  • Database connection starvation occurs when CProjectCacheCleanerJob is run on environments with hundreds of projects.
  • Unable to deploy the ALM 11.00 Client on some machines with Internet Explorer 7 or 8 when the connection to server requires SSL.
  • Special characters (such as left and right arrows) inputted in the Description field are not displayed correctly.
  • User name casing based on Login screen spelling and not on the Users table causes issues in ALM 11.00.
  • Objects remain locked after the LOCK_TIMEOUT is expired when the Quality Center client session is ended by inactivity after the WAIT_BEFORE_DISCONNECT time has passed. Any locks that exist before this fix is applied should be manually deleted from the databases.
  • When a user is deleted, all public Favorites created by the user are removed. It may take some time to display error messages.
  • Renaming a favorite to an existing favorites name does not behave as expected. Solution: Roll back the favorite name if the rename did not complete.
  • The JDBC driver getting table metadata is inefficient in the Oracle database.
  • Using Field Replacement functionality does not work correctly.
  • Field Replacement form should not load the old value when the field type is a memo field.
  • Field Replacement functionality reports the wrong number of replaced instances.
  • Too many database queries are sent frequently when empty domains exist.
  • DB shared pool has a lot of queries of the type: UPDATE LOGIN_SESSIONS SET LS_LAST_ACTION_TIME=(select SYSDATE + (-6602446/(24*60*60*1000)) from dual) ,LS_LAST_TOUCH_TIME=(select SYSDATE from dual) WHERE LS_ID = :v0 Solution: The query now uses a bind parameter, and there should be one per project in the database shared pool.
  • Sometimes the ALM Server hangs when the PC extension is installed.
  • Incorrect casting manual input (including empty string) to date format. Solution: Set correct parsing manual input (including empty string) to date format.
  • Permitting the creation or update of folder entities in the Groups and Permissions category requires permissions for creating or updating contained entities.
  • Each letter typed causes the addition of extras space when entering comments using the Korean keyboard.
  • Prevent loading of customization during connect and disconnect from a project for the internal system user.
  • The ALM Server crashed due to a request for all run steps. Requests are prevented from trying to get all run steps by introducing a fuse.
  • It is impossible to open a QuickTest test in QuickTest Professional on Windows 7 64-bit. An error is displayed while saving the test to ALM (QuickTest Professional 10.00 and ALM 11.00).
  • Populating a database table’s metadata is slow and the process takes a lot of space in the database shared pool. Solution: The query was optimized. Database shared pool space was freed.
  • In some cases, the Rich Text combo box does not show the correct font type.
  • Authentication error occurs when accessing QC Sense configuration in Site Administration when the Site Administrator user name contains two words.
  • Sessions are incorrectly calculated when QC Sense is used.
  • The copy/paste of business process test performance can be improved by reducing an obsolete calculation during the copy/paste. Limitation: Performance improvement is not very significant unless the copy/paste includes business process test and components.
  • Test configurations are not reflected in baselines. for static configurations. Limitation: This fix only deals with static configurations, not dynamic.
  • Failed to generate a test Instance XML error when running business process tests after Patch 6 for ALM 11.00.Solution: The original problem is fixed.
  • Screenshots in the Results Viewer are rewritten by the next business component run.
  • Double-clicking a business component or library does not trigger the workflow event.
  • The Delete step button is enabled and the user can delete a step in keyword-driven automation. Permissions were added to fix this issue.
  • The Component Details dialog box opens incorrectly.
  • The Add Comment Button should be disabled, but is enabled until the next login to the Business Components module.
  • Business process tests or flows are not running in Wrapper Test mode if the test contains a component with an empty value type.
  • Upgrade fails when upgrading project from Quality Center 9.2 to ALM 11.00 if multiple extensions are enabled.
  • Modifying a license takes 8-12 hours.
  • The MAX_DRILLDOWN_ENTITIES site parameter can be set to a negative value, in which case the drill down does not work. In case a negative value is set, the default (35,000) is used.
  • Verification of some projects upgraded from Quality Center 10.00 to ALM 11.00 may fail.
  • A runtime error is displayed when using the RunQuery and TestConnection methods of the SiteAdmin API.
  • It is impossible to hide some actions in Releases, Libraries, and other modules via workflow.
  • Workflow fails to access the ActPassSelected action when running business process test in the Manual Runner.
  • Defect_Bug_MoveTo and Bug_MoveTo actions are not called when focusing on a defect in dashboard drill down view.
  • Action RenameAct is not triggered when renaming a folder by double click, but it is triggered when renaming by F2 or context menu. Limitation: Single click is handled by MouseUp event inside EntityTree and does not trigger the workflow event.
  • The workflow event Req_New is triggered when creating a requirement
  • The workflow event ActionCanExecute is not called when clicking on the toolbar buttons _Generate_, Query Builder etc.
  • Test execution status is not refreshed in workflow.
  • Actions to Block Requirements to Traceability does not work as expected. Solution: Added two new events, Req_CanAddReqTraces and Req_CanDeleteReqTrace. These events can be used to query the requirements about version control. Limitation: Event Req_CanAddReqTraces is not fired when creating a new trace with By ID (Trace From) or By ID (Trace To) dropdown menu items.
  • Field attributes values set by workflow may be lost when switching between views in the Requirements Module.
  • When moving between two test parameters, the MoveTo workflow event occurs twice.
  • Some of the old format test lab tree workflow events are not thrown (such as AddTSinTreeAct, DeleteInTreeAct, etc.)
  • ActionCanExecute workflow event does not work on customized buttons in the New Defect dialog box from an external tool such as Sprinter.
  • The Document Generator shows HTML tags in RichText fields for requirements when the RichText field value is blank.
  • When creating a graph with a user-defined field of type multi value in the x-axis, the graph result is empty with warnings.
  • When generating graphs in a Dashboard page or Live Analysis, initial graph size is small and is updated only after all graphs are generated.
  • Splitter on Quality and Progress tabs is not movable for Cycles and Releases.
  • Excel hangs when exporting a test case with the same parent and child folder names.
  • Memory leak on login and logout operations when using OTA scripts.
  • Sometimes the JDBC driver throws an exception.
  • Sometimes ALM Explorer takes more than 30 seconds to close after clicking the x button.
  • The Failed to compare entities error is displayed when comparing baselines on some projects.
  • ALM uses an older version of Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 than the QuickTest Professional Plug-in. Apply the QuickTest Professional plug-in hotfix QTPQC_00012.
  • It is impossible to consume Quality Center in common mode for a non-administrator user using the function Download Components. An error is displayed that there are insufficient permissions. This happens even though Quality Center was already deployed in common mode by an administrator.
  • Sprinter cannot connect to ALM 11 Starter Edition.
  • Sprinter cannot upload resources in the ALM Resources module when the resources contain required user-defined fields.
  • When creating an attachment over REST API, if the attachment name contains the character ‘/’, the server freezes.
  • Some projects with BPTEE, CIT, APM, and EI extensions are enabled cannot be upgraded from Quality Center 9.2 to ALM 11.00. Solution: Instructions for how to upgrade those projects are provided.

What’s been enhanced?

  • Performance and stability improvements
  • The patch includes various performances and stability fixes. This patch is a critical and mandatory patch.
  • The performance improvements include: Improvements on the server cache mechanism Memory utilization improvements due to background job changes Improvements to SQL queries
  • The stability items include: Fixes of server deadlocks that resulted in sporadic crashes Fixes in the PC extension that caused server crashes
  • Controlling the size of the attachments
  • Description: A new parameter enables you to control the size of attachments. Solution: The site parameter UPLOAD_ATTACH_MAX_SIZE (size in KB) has been added. It controls the size of attachments added using OTA and in the User Interface. It does not control the size of attachments in integration tools.
  • DEP compliance Description: ALM can work on operating systems with DEP turned on.
  • New environment certified. Some certification limitations are:
    • STM is not certified on Windows 2008 R2 SP1 as a client
    • STM is not certified on SUSE 10
    • SP4 x64 as server OS STM is not
    • certified for MS SQL 2005 SP4
    • STM is not certified for ESXi 5.0 189583 BPT QTP

  • Exec: In order to execute remotely a business process test on Win 2008 R2 – need to install “Com+Network access” application server role as part of QTP installation 190669 User which is not administrator cant run business process test on Windows 2008R2SP1 24320
  • Impossible to create new map for export by excel add-in export wizard on Windows 2008 R2 Server SP1 for non admin users 24082 When snapshot window is up additional IE window is displayed on Win2008R2 Server SP1 with side by side clients. (IE 8 only) 24140 Incorrect sysinfo on Windows 2008 and Windows 7
  • Data Awareness Drop-down list in the Resource Parameter Name column which contains all the resource (Excel) headers. Auto-mapping via the Map Parameters dialog box. Data-table resource preview according to the predefined filter in the Test Configuration tab.
  • Mail Support in Test Lab The user can send a test instance including details, history, attachments, run summary, and last run steps from Test Lab.
  • Default Values Creating new entities, such as tests, test configurations, and defects, sometimes requires entering a large number of fields. Often the values for these fields are the same, and it is repetitive and time consuming to enter the values. For example, each time a QA engineer adds a new defect for the same environment in the same testing cycle, the values for the following defect fields are likely to be the same: Project, Detected in Cycle, Detected in Release, and Target Release.
  • The second parameter, send from, from the Send Mail API has the ability to be specified in the script.
  • You can select multiple tests/requirements and include them simultaneously to the coverage analysis feature.
  • There is a horizontal bar in the Test Plan.
  • Site Administration Both administrators and non-administrators can start Site Administration. Instances of Quality Center 10.00 Site Administration can be opened side-by-side with instances of ALM 11.00 Site Administration. 3rd party tools can integrate Site Administration operations into their scripts by registering the Site Administration client component. For details, see the HP ALM Client Registration add-in on the

HP ALM Add-ins page. Client MSI Generator The generated MSI package can now be installed on client machines with User Account Control enabled.

  • Certifications BPT/BPTEE was certified for Win2008R2SP1, Oracle11.2.0.2, and VistaSP2x32. ST 11.2 was certified for Win2008R2SP1, and Oracle11.2.0.2.
  • New environment certified: See the details in the System Requirements section below. Certification limitations: BPT, BPT4SAP, ST and STM are not certified on MS SQL 2008 R2 SP1. BPT, BPT4SAP, ST and STM are not certified on Windows Server 2008 SP2 32 bit as a client OS.
  • CIT 2.6 support will be provided with this patch.
  • Mobile App – Introducing the HP ALM Defect Management Mini Application for Mobile Devices Enterprise Collaboration – ALM 11.0 can be integrated with Enterprise Collaboration (EC).
  • A non-versioned field option was added to Project Customization, which is used to define whether or not to save versioning information for a field. When updating fields that are non-versioned for multi-entities using the Replace or Update selected options, if this option is selected, no check out dialog box displays. When viewing previous versions of an entity, fields that are not versioned are labeled as non-versioned.
  • In Project Customization, in the Cross Project Customization page, you can now select whether to view all linked projects or only active ones.
  • A drill down option was added to the Scorecard view in the Releases module. The option shows all the entities that create the scorecard KPI value. There is also an option to drill down by numerator or denominator.
  • Support was added for EPC Row/Column ARIS notations. Certification Enhancement ID: 178894 [internal] Summary: Windows Server 2008 R2 is now supported
  • You can find all enhancements details inside the readme:
  • ALM 11.00 is certified on Microsoft Office 2010
  • Business Process Testing – Add the BPTEE functionality to the core BPT product. It is recommended to perform the project upgrade after installing this patch You can find all enhancements details inside the readme.
  • NTLM support both for proxy and web authentication, to enable it for all configurations without the need in configuring the web gate. Note: To use ALM Explorer with NTLM, you use the new version from the Add-ins page.
  • In ALM 11 the requirements rich text feature was changed. Before ALM 11 it was MS Word document, shown in the ALM UI. The new rich text is stored as HTML page. Rich text, created before ALM 11, should be converted from the MS Word documents into HTML. For more information on Rich Text Conversion, see HP Software Self-solve knowledge base article KM1031602
  • You can find all enhancements details inside the readme. For example:
    • Client Side by Side
    • REST API
    • Data-hiding filter for the Releases module
    • Session Reconnect
    • Automail for Repository Migration Status
    • Performance improvements
    • and more…

Wow that’s a ton of changes – how do I get this patch?

To get the latest QC patch you can download it from HP’s self solve patch section. Sorry – I don’t have enough space to store it in my downloads section

Kiran - May 30, 2012

Thanks for the information Joe!


feigoliu - June 14, 2012

Can you send me the latest patch or patch 9?I can not download it.Thank you very much.

    Joe Colantonio - June 20, 2012

    feigoliu » Hi – Sorry the patch is to big for me to post in my download area.

Thirupathi - September 7, 2012

Hi Joe,
What should a QTP user of the QC11 project do, when the team is notified that their project is upgraded to QC11

    Joe Colantonio - September 7, 2012

    Thirupathi » All the you need to do is go to ALM/QC11’s add-in page and install the HP Quality Center Connectivity add-in on all machines that have QTP. Also make sure in QTP that the ‘Login to project on startup’ is not selected before running the add-in. We just updated our QC10 to ALM 11 this weekend and I have not had any issues. Hope this helps. Cheers~Joe

Satya Mantena - February 18, 2013

If we have Linux 64 bit should we use TD4QC_00263
or TD4QC_00262 ?

Also another related question, If we have updated with Release patch 12 and then choose (hypothitically) use patch 9, then how does SW handle, will it restrict as 12 already superceeds or let you install it

Haris - June 9, 2014

we are getting an issue when tried to change the parameter value in QC. “(Input parameters (as defined in the Quick Test Settings dialog box):)”.

Will this patch rectifies this issue.

Susinder - August 28, 2014

Is there any way to get the attachments for run-steps over REST API. I have used this REST URL attachments but got Not Found error.

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