QTP11 – FIREFOX 13.00 Now Supported – Patch QTPWEB_00105

New QTP patch support for FireFox13!

Great news – today HP released patch QTPWEB_00105.

With this patch, QTP now supports testing web apps in FireFox Version 13.0. I know people like to moan about how long it takes HP to support new browser versions, but lately I think HP has done a fantastic job keeping up.

Patch dependencies

Before you install this patch you’ll need to install the previous QTP firefox patch QTPWEB_000900 first.

To Get the FireFox Patch:

To get the FireFox Browser Patch for QuickTest Professional, Request it from HP support.
All QTP 11 Patches

For an updated list of all patches available for QTP 11 check out the Patches section in my article:QTP 11 Support Matrix with Patch Updates

Atul - June 26, 2012

Hi Joe,

I am not able to find setup for below 2 patches


Can you please upload the setups?

Thanks a lot in advance.

    Joe Colantonio - June 26, 2012

    Atul » Hi Atul you should be able to find both patches under my download folder at https://www.joecolantonio.com/downloads/. Make sure to refresh your browser if you do not see them. Thanks

      Atul - June 27, 2012

      Thank you so Much Joe. Really appreciate your help :)

      Atul - June 27, 2012

      Hi Joe,

      I am seeing patch QTPWEB_00090 instead of QTPWEB_000900. Are both patches same?

      If not, can you please upload setup for QTPWEB_000900?


santtii - July 14, 2014

All the patches links being directedt to HP, which is leading to “You have no permission to the file”. Do we have any other store from where we can download the UFT11 patch?

Thank you.

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