HP Service Test 11.20 – New Critical Patch 6 SOAST_00078

Patch Alert

HP just released a new critical cumulative patch (SOAST_00078) for Service Test 11.20. This patch includes many feature updates and multiple fixes for known issues.

What Features have been updated?

  • ST can now integrate with ALM 11.50. It also has a new connectivity helper support for NTLM/Basic Authentication security with connectivity to ALM 11.50.

  • An XML Compare Activity has been added

  • Enhanced Reporting

  • Better BPT Integration

  • JMS Update

  • REST Update

What’s been fixed?

  • Weird report corruption issues if the test has 6 nested loops.
  • Populating input envelope error when opening test after populating input envelope.
  • Protocol Violation Error when running a Service test script
  • If you are seeing BPT performance issues when saving BPT this should help.
  • Dragging and Dropping Web Services operation creates error message.
  • Error CLIENT_ID_POLICY_UNRESTRICTED when using JMS has been fixed.
  • REST steps generating abort on 500 (server error) status.

How to Get Patch 6

Like I said, this is a critical patch, so save yourself some headaches and install it now. To get SOAST_00078 either request it from HP support or you can download it from https://www.joecolantonio.com/downloads


Did you start getting errors connecting to ALM after installing this patch? If so this issue is caused by previous accumulative patches 3 and 4. In order to fix
this issue you need to uninstall all the accumulative patches previously installed then install only Patch 6.

Gandalf - August 29, 2012


i already download the 11.20 and installed the SOAST-0078 patch.

I m looking for the XML COMPARE acitivity. I just find the
* Transform XML
* String to XML
* XML to String
* Validate XML

Where can i find it??

THX for help

    Joe Colantonio - August 30, 2012

    Gandalf » Can you go into ST and check the Help>About and verify that is read patch level 06. I have ST 11.20 with patch 6 (SOAST_00078) and I do have a Compare XMls under my XML activity folder in the toolbox. Also make sure that patch 6 is the only patch that is installed on the machine. If you have previous patches uninstall all of them including patch 6 and only reinstall 6. Hope this helps. Cheers~Joe

Swaty - September 17, 2012

On windows XP how should one uninstall patch 5 for HPST to install Patch 6?

John - August 19, 2014

Hi, I need HP service test patch 6.
I am not able to connect HP Service test 11.20 with ALM 11.52

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