Quality Center 10 – Patch Release 29

ALM/QC 10 – Patch Release 29

Recently HP released a monthly patch 29 for QC 10 that resolves a bunch of issues. This patch also includes many enhancements.

What’s been fixed?

The following know issues have been resolved with this patch release:

  • When a custom memo field is applied from a template it does not shown in the Document Generator Reports with Full Page layout.
  • Document Generator report shows the baseline name as something else instead of the expected name.
  • The Document Generator shows an Type mismatch error when reporting on tests of type QUICKTEST_TEST that contain a function call.
  • Attachment names that contain more than 17 non-ASCII symbols are truncated. Limitation: This fix increases the number of allowed non-ASCII symbols to 27.
  • The Change Project operation fails after several uses.
  • Performance issues exist at GetProjectCustomizationData during Login and/or loading customization and users..
  • If several Quality Center clients are opened on one machine, the Password Reset feature does not work properly.
  • An error message appears when saving (posting) a defect or requirement with an attachment whose size exceeds the limit set with the UPLOAD_ATTACH_MAX_SIZE parameter. Instead, the error message should appear when adding the attachment to the defect or requirement.
  • An automatic job runs every fifteen minutes that cleans the database of stale sessions and locks. A regression prevents locks from being deleted if the Quality Center client was terminated abruptly. This causes entities to remain locked even after the LOCK_TIMEOUT and the entities cannot be edited. A workaround existed to physically delete the locked rows from the database.
  • Mail sent by the Quality Center server includes a link to the start_a.jsp login page instead of start_a.htm
  • The Generate button of an Excel report cannot be disabled using workflow scripts. Limitation: 1. The Generate button disabled using a workflow script is still enabled right after logging into a project. 2. It is impossible to generate an Excel report using a workflow script with actGenerate and Analysis.Generate.
  • Components are still associated incorrectly with a business process test in Test_MoveTo Sub after removal.
  • When copying a business process test that contains a flow to another project, the flow is always copied even if it exists in the target location. In addition, the test is not copied to the correct, relative location.
  • Synchronization fails when synchronizing a library containing a test that owns user assets. This occurs if the library is deleted in the target project yet modified in the source project.
  • Attachment.Rename is not called when the double click method is used to rename an attachment in a cycle or release in the Management module.
  • A confusing confirmation message is displayed while you are trying to add attachments to entities in the Releases module. Limitation: The fix is relevant for Quality Center version 10.00 in the Releases module only.
  • Large baselines comparison frequently fails.
  • Root folders in the Libraries module are not sorted. The root folders are sorted now alphabetically.
  • The Attempted to read or write protected memory message appears when accessing the Expert View section in the Script tab or the automated section in Execution settings tab in Test Instance Details dialog box in the Test Lab module. Limitation: HP QuickTest Professional Add-in 11.00 for ALM/QC Hotfix QTPQC_00012 must be installed.
  • A deadlock occurs in OTA and server authentication fails with many concurrent clients in a multi-CPU environment.
  • An inappropriate error message is displayed in the Test Lab module.
  • Modifications made to the Description field for Attachments in the Test Lab module cannot be saved.
  • The test Instance order becomes scrambled when ordering by name and the backend is Oracle.
  • It is impossible to go to a test set from the Search Results window by double clicking.
  • An extra, unnecessary Test Plan folder tree is copied when a user creates a new project by copying another project and has de-selected the Tests and Defects checkboxes.
  • Several labels are truncated in the Risk tab when using 1024×768 display resolution.
  • No workflow events are available to manage requirement traceability.
  • The Progress Graph for cycles incorrectly displays values in the X-axis.
  • The database shared pool has a lot of queries of the type: UPDATE LOGIN_SESSIONS SET LS_LAST_ACTION_TIME=(select SYSDATE + (-6602446/(24*60*60*1000)) from dual) , LS_LAST_TOUCH_TIME=(select SYSDATE from dual) WHERE LS_ID = :v0 Note: The query now uses the bind parameter, and there should be one per project in the database shared pool.
  • An authentication error is displayed when a user whose name contains spaces accesses QC Sense configuration in Site Administration. Note: The query now uses the bind parameter, and there should be one per project in the database shared pool.

What’s been enhanced?

  • High-contrast black Quality Center display
  • Service Test Management is certified for Microsoft MSSQL 2008 SP2.
  • Compare baseline: A renamed TestSetFolder is now displayed as Modified.
  • A new parameter for controlling the size of the attachments is now available
  • A new Uninstall utility is now released KM176290 – How to uninstall the TestDirector or Quality Center client components. (http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM176290
  • The following environments are now certified. Business Process Testing and Service Test 11.2 were certified on Windows 2008R2 SP1 as a server. Business Process Testing and Service Test 11.2 were certified on Oracle Business Process Testing and Service Test 11.2 were on Windows Vista SP2 32bit as a client.
  • For example a test might cover 5 requirements in 5 different locations and it is not desirable to have to save all requirements in these 5 folders (also, it can be very difficult to locate the right locations in a complex tree structure). A linked entities option would be a nice feature. Limitation: The parameter IS_SHOW_ADVANCED_SHARING (values: Y, N) should be added to the Site Configuration to enable the feature
  • Adding filtering capabilities when creating library (Advanced filter) is missing.
  • Quality Center 10.0 is supporting Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0
  • Quality Center 10.0 is supporting Citrix 6.0 for QC Client Limitation : Other integrations may not support this yet, please follow their releases.
  • Quality Center 10.0 Server is supporting Microsoft SQL 2008 SP2 Limitation: ST/STM were not certified on MSSQL 2008 SP2
  • The Public Analysis Favorites is available in the Analysis menu in Quality Center 10.00. The Entity tree will be added to all sub standard reports from type Test instance in order to avoid the need going back and forth between Test Lab and Dashboard module and to select Test Set from the Test Plan tree in the report configuration view.
  • Pin to baseline now takes the baselines requirement test coverage into account. Note: Enable the set system parameter GET_COVERAGE_FROM_BL_FOR_PINNED_TESTSET to Y.
  • Quality Center 10.00 patch 22 is now certified on Win Server 2008 R2. For installation instructions, make a support request.
  • Unable to generate QC Sense reports on Web logic App server deployment Limitation: Null pointer Exception returned in QC Sense Report Viewer while trying to get Server Statistics report And Operation Flow report type.
  • Quality Center Connectivity Helper – .NET component introduced in ALM-11 that used with external testing tools to provide ability of working with OTA in isolated environment. QCCH could work both with QC10 and QC11 servers.

Wow that’s a ton of changes – how do I get this patch?

To get the latest QC patch you can download it from HP’s self solve patch section. Sorry – I don’t have enough space to store it in my downloads section https://www.joecolantonio.com/downloads

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Ivan - January 30, 2013

Hi – where can i download it? I can not find my HP SAID.

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