HP LoadRunner 11.50 – Critical Ajax TrueClient IE Memory Leak Patch

New Critical LoadRunner 11.50 IE Ajax trueClient Patch!

Good news for LR 11.5 early adopters – Hp released a new critical patch LR_03129 today.

Whats Included

Patch 1 contains a Ajax truClient IE protocol memory leak fix.

Important LR 11.50 Patch 1 install info

After you apply Patch 1 for Ajax TruClient, for each IE script developed in the LoadRunner 11.50 pre-patch 1 release version, copy the [LR installation dir]\template\WebIE\webIENDP.txt file to the IE script’s folder. Important: Failure to do this will result in the script running incorrectly, and you might also receive an “Mdrv” error message when replaying the script.

If you want to uninstall HP LoadRunner 11.50 Patch 1, you must provide the path to the original HP LoadRunner 11.50 MSI installation file. For example, if you installed from a DVD, insert the DVD into the drive and provide the path to the location of the MSI installation file. Note: The MSI file name is a combination of the language and type of installation. For example LoadRunner_x86.msi is the MSI for an English 32-bit installation of HP LoadRunner, and LoadRunner_fra_x64.msi is the MSI for a French 64-bit installation of HP LoadRunner.

In the Connections Graph in Analysis and Controller, number of open connections reported for Ajax TruClient IE protocol

How to Get Critical Patch 1 LR_03129

To get the IE Ajax Patch 1 for LoadRunner LR_03129 , either request it from HP support, or download it from https://www.joecolantonio.com/downloads

FYI: The same patch is also available just for VUGEN (LRVUG_00029) and Load Generator (LRG_00022) machines

What other Patches are available for LR 11.50?
For an updated list of all patches available for LR 11.ho check out the Patches section in my article:
LR 11.50 Support Matrix with Patch Updates

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