QTP11 – QuickTest Pro has Stopped Working Error: Hotfix QTP_00778

Windows 7 Issue

Are you trying to run a function library in QTP11 on a Windows 7 machine and receiving the error message “QuickTest Professional has stopped working“.

Is QTP hanging driving you crazy? Turns out this is a known issue.


HP has a hotfix available for this issue named “QTP_00778 – Support Opening Function Libraries in the Script Editor on Windows 7 “

Get the Hotfix

Why is this hotfix not in my download section? At HP Discover this year I was told by an HP rep that it was not a good idea to post hotfixes on my site. The reason is that a hotfix is actual not an official patch. A hotfix is usually only for a limited group of users that have similar OS, product version configurations.

Installing a hotfix on a machine that does not meet these limited conditions can cause serious issue. Because of this you need to contact HP Support directly to request a hotfix. HP Support will determine whether or not the hotfix is pertinent to our specific issue/situation.

Ram - December 5, 2012

Hi , I am getting the error of “QTP has stopped working” when trying to open QTP11.0 by ALM Test Run Scheduler. I want to know from where I can get the QTP_00778 patch? please provide me the link to get that Hotfix. Thanks in advance.

Apeksha - December 24, 2012

Hi , I am getting the error of “QTP has stopped working” when trying to record and stop in QTP11.0 through firefox 9.0.1 in windows 8. please reply fast.thanks

    Joe Colantonio - December 28, 2012

    Apeksha » I don’t think QTP official supports Windows 8 yet – has this ever worked for you?

sameer - March 20, 2014

hi im also getting the same error most of thr time when I run the script from qtp only after that qtp closes and the corresponding qfl and the script will be locked for one full day. i’ve installed the above mentioned patch and also in qc site admin changed the lock time to 1 hr still facing the issue plsss help me

venu - August 8, 2014

Hi EveryOne!!I am also getting same exception from last 2 days onwards (Quick Test Professional has stopped working)..How can i rectify those exception.

i tried Mcafee turn off and turn on!!but its not working!!!Let me know if you have any solution?

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