HP UFT – Critical Service Pack 2 (11.52) Released

HP UFT Critical Service Pack 2 Released

Good news for early adapters of UFT 11.5, HP has just released a critical service pack 2 (UFT_00022) that resolves a bunch of nasty bugs and performance issues caused by the previous patch releases.

This UFT patch replaces previous patches

This Latest patch supersedes the following previous patches:

What’s been updated?

The following features have been updated in UFT service pack 2:

  • Enhancements to Business Process Test (BPT)
  • New Web-based help
  • A new “save with resources’ command has been added
  • Excel .xslx file types are now fully supported
  • You can now view full run results reports when running BPT from either UFT or an ALM test plan
  • Support added for GUI test with ALM AUT parameters
  • SAP solution manager can now pass complex values to UFT tests
  • WADL can now be imported in API test
  • Security for SOAP 1.2 has been added to API test
  • Browsers IE10 and Firefox 20 now supported
  • HTML 5 enhancements that allows UFT to spy on WebEdit and CSS properties

What’s been fixed in this UFT patch Release?

  • If you execute from an Execute method you should now be able to process to next step option
  • LoadFunction now has better error handling
  • No more recording issues against SAP tables for WDA
  • Window 7 extensibility object highlighting issue resolved
  • WTF Visual basic 6 application crashes cause by launching UFT should be resolved
  • Selected XML as a response body no XML received issue fixed
  • Missing data parameter options in LoadRunner enabled API test has been fixed
  • No more garbage data if you use the PhDataWindow.GetCelldata method
  • UFT should now allow the automatic defect submission option to work
  • API tests stops responding when trying to map an excel file to a parameter value to xml fixed
  • Find function should now work correctly with function libraries (Thank God – I thought this was just a weird issue that I had)
  • Running in hidden mode when running a GUI test that contains calls to API test now works
  • The UFT Stop button no available issue after calling a GUI action has bee resolved

How to Get UFT Service Pack 2

Due to HP’s legal department I can no longer store these patches directly on my web site.

BUT HP does allow getting patches when using their links which grab the patches directly from their download area – no username or password required!

Just click on the link below to begin automatically downloading the patch:

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varun - November 18, 2013

Hi Joe,
This is varun while trying to highlight the page (Browser().Page().highlight) the UFT is getting hanged even after installing this service pack.
Win 7 – 32 bit
UFT 11.52
Web App
Kindly help me on this

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