HP UFT – UFT 11.53 Service Pack Released

HP UFT 11.53 Patch Released

It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S. today, and HP has given Unified Functional Testing automation engineers something else to be thankful for –- UFT 11.53 Service Pack — which is stuffed like a thanksgiving bird with a bunch of new goodies!


ALM Integration Changes

  • BPT UI editing changed added inside UFT
  • GUI test now have SV integrations
  • Delete ALM results using the Run Result Tool within the Run Result Viewer –    Cool!

GUI Testing Changes

  • RDP – Continue UFT run session after closing RDP connection! What!? I’ll believe it when I try it. I’ve been waiting for this functionality for years!!
  • Added ability to pass output parameters back to calling GUI action
  • Updates to Flex support
  • Updates to HTML 5 support
  • You can now activate 64 bit DLL files
  • WPF/.NET add-in improvements
  • SAP NWBC-web object support updates
  • Support for Windows 2012 and Citrix 6.5 added

API Testing Changes

  • Create web service activities from Network Capture Data (PCAP File). I have no idea what this means but it sounds cool. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on this one once I figure it out.

Better Performance

In general this patch is supposed to fix known performance and quality issues found in UFT 11.50 and the previous service packs. UFT 11.53 Also includes a ton of change requests that should make UFT test automation a little easier.

Change Request

  • RunAction statement issue resolved
  • Funky Environment value ActionIteration issues resolved
  • UFT memory issue with large function library fixed
  • Some SERVICE-TEST tests not able to open in UFT fixed
  • Unable to located the project file error when saving API test resolved
  • Improvement in generating test results for long running scripts
  • The ability to recognize java objects on 64 bit OS added
  • Weird database column issue with UFT 11.52 and ALM 11 patch 13 resolved
  • XML ignore xpath functionality should now work
  • QCUtil.CurrentTestSetTest.name method issue resolved
  • Component names that include a slash issue addressed
  • Concurrent users running the same BPT on a terminal server fixed
  • Reusable action being called that work on QTP 11 failing in UFT has been resolved
  • Java app button click function fixed
  • Upgrade issue with some QTP VB script to UFT resolved

How to get the UFT 11.53

Click on the patch name below to directly download the UFT test automation patch from HP’s support site (username and password not required):

Tom M - December 5, 2013

I think you meant UFT 11.53 now supports Firefox up to version 24 not 19.

UFT 11.50 up to Firefox 15.
UFT 11.51 up to Firefox 17
UFT 11.52 up to Firefox 21
UFT 11.53 up to Firefox 24

    Rajkumar - February 13, 2014

    HI Installed UFT 11.53

    And installed Mozilla 24 But still the object is identifying as win object what i have to add or change to make the UFT to identify the MOzilla firefox. PLease help me

Tom M - December 5, 2013

you might want to check other things like

Windows 8 support started in 11.52
Windows 2012 support started in 11.53

Recommend reviewing the help guide complete listing of new features, fix and supported OS.
What’s New in UFT 11.53? > New Features

Also recommend having people make sure they have the correct build since there was a limited beta release back in October and the release on 11/30/2013 has higher build number of 11.53.0382.

    Joe Colantonio - December 5, 2013

    Thanks Tom – I don’t think I worded it clearly – to avoid confusion I removed the enhancement section. The UFT 11.53 readme has an enhancement section that says:

    No (superseded patches contained enhancements)
    Change Request: QCCR1J61815:
    Support for Firefox, version 19

    Change Request: QCCR1J29234:
    QTP 11.0 is unable to recognize Internet explorer 10 as
    a browser or its objects.
    Support for Windows 8 and IE 10 – Technology Preview
    level is included Unified Functional Testing
    11.51* Unified Functional Testing 11.50 is following
    version of QuickTest Proffesional 11

      Tom M - December 5, 2013

      Joe, The Readme does cover some of the new features, enhancement, and New Supported Operating Systems and Environments but recommend checking out the ‘UFT 11.53 Product Availablity Matrix (PAM) and from the tool UFT > Help > “HP Unified Function Testing Help” > “What’s New in UFT 11.53” section for more details.

Glenn - December 6, 2013

Hi Joe,

Thanks for this post.

One of the 11.53 features seemed to suggest that an active RDP session is no longer required for a running UFT test. This didn’t work for me, my test failed to interact with the GUI and screen shots were black; just as I’d expect with no RDP session active.. I’d be interested how others get on.



    Joe Colantonio - December 8, 2013

    Hi Glenn – thanks for the update. i have not tried my self but this is disappointing news if the RDP fix doesn’t work like I thought it would :( Anyone else have better luck with RDP?

      Deepak - August 6, 2014

      Hi Glenn-Have you tested the RDP feature of UFT?

Sarita - December 17, 2013

Thanks Joe for the 11.53 Service Patch. I am trying to install it on Windows7 and after I click Install it asked whether you want to continue or Restart and Installl, but in both the cases it didnt continue after that. Let me know whether this works fine on Windows7


bob - January 28, 2014

I’m looking for further info on this RDP feature. Is anyone using it? Based on the little info they have in the help section I’m not even sure how to use it. We have always had RDP sessions open to the machines where we run tests and have been able to close them without issue. I think I’m understanding the new feature incorrectly. Can someone give more detail on it?

Sakthivel Raja - February 11, 2014

Hi Joe,
I am trying to automate flex/flash application. But I found every tool needs some libraries(swc file) should be included in application side. Does QTP support flex/flash automation without including libraries in application side?

Thanks and Regards,

Sakthivel Raja v

Colin Jackson - February 12, 2014

I don’t know what they claim to have fixed with regard to large project libraries, but they seem to have introduced a number of memory issues. If I run a large test, after the test run I have to restart UFT and reload the project, because it’s uneditable if I don’t (the editor runs slowly and often crashes, even though the rest of the application seems to be working okay). Basically, I’ve had horrid problems with every version of UFT 11.5 (.0, .2 and .3) and I’m sick to the back teeth of it.

Now they’ve introduced a patch (presumably as an emergency measure to deal with the issues they’ve introduced) and immediately had to pull it due to installation issues. I didn’t get half these issue with 11.0 and I wish I’d just struck with that version.

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