HP UFT – Critical Patch 2 release for UFT 11.53

HP Unified Functional Testing patch Release

Good news for HP UFT testers, today HP released Patch 2 for UFT 11.53 (UFT_00068).

What’s been fixed

  • Issue with UFT 11.53 not recognizing WPF objects in customer’s AUT
  • The UFT hanging while spying on Java Application Objects should be fixed.
  • Known caching issue with LoadAndRunAction not downloading all the action’s components is resolved
  • Weird Firefox error message SherutRashiTitle_XXXxx_x: firefox.exe – application error fixed
  • Fast script execution causes synch issue should be resolved
  • Chrome pop-up window recognition issues causes but UFT_00066 resolved
  • Annoying issue of being unable to jump to a step in a function library from the tests results fixed.
  • APITest test flow in Test Script Tab is lost after Temp folder cleaning
  • Fix for UFT error “Not able to open 12 BPT components”
  • UFT SP3 shows the wrong library file name in the title bar
  • Inserting breakpoint causing UFT exceptions in existing function libraries resolved
  • UFT has stopped working issue fixed
  • Unable to open tests in UFT 11.53 that are stored in ALM
  • “Cannot Run a test in Quality Center” starting at 31st test instance error fixed
  • QTP 10 created tests stored in ALM throwing an error when trying to open them with UFT 11.52 has been resolved
  • Not possible to connect to ALM via proxy after applying necessary fix for Sprinter
  • UFT 11.53 cannot open Tests in QC whose Subject path exceeds 239 characters
  • Editing ALM 11 QUICKTEST_TEST test case in UFT 11.53 should no longer remove test case parameters
  • UFT unable to execute API test with attachment 150 MB size.
  • You should no longer get an error when testing webservice that uses X509 certificate and Soap1.2 protocol
  • Fix for WebTable recognition issue in Chrome
  • SAP “sap attached text” property is empty for SAPEdit object in SAP table.
  • SAP UFT does not record and replay a click on SAPButton in SAPPortal AUT
  • Regular expression on browser objects works differently on QTP and UFT should know behave the same
  • QuickTest.Application.GetStatus method returns “Running” instead of “Waiting”
  • SAPTable.GetCellData no longer works on the header row
  • SAPTable objects return n-1 column count
  • Funky error: OpenClipboard Failed (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800401D0(CLIPBRD_E_CANT_OPEN) fixed
  • Run Error: The environment parameter was not found shown when using Environmental Variables in BPT
  • Environment variables are retaining the information of previous components runs whenever QEEE is enabled
  • Copying BPT Test Cases across Projects – Not Linking Components Correctly For Parameter Changes Made via UFT UI
  • On replay or recording, AUT not launching, during IDLE it does launch
  • Error mdrv process termination occurs randomly in a load test running a UFT script on a PC/UFT 11.52 Patch 1
  • Can’t launch AUT with “Error: Could not create JVM” when UFT is launched fixed

How to get the UFT 11.53 Patch 2

FYI – there is a patch dependency on UFT_00044. Make sure it’s installed before installing patch UFT_00068.

To learn how to download patches from HP check out my post How to Download QTP, UFT, ALM and LoadRunner patches.


Phuong Nguyen - May 5, 2014


I think you input wrong name patch, I tried to download it but unsuccessfully. Please check it again

    Joe Colantonio - May 5, 2014

    Hi Phuong – I just dbl checked :

    UFT 11.53 Patch 2  

    KM00882420 UFT_00068 UFT 11.53 Patch 2 Product: unified functional testing; Version: 11.53; OS: Windows; Critical: Yes Windows 11.53 Table of contents: » Should I download?   » Download Information   » History   » Products   » Hardware Platforms –

Stefan - December 9, 2014

Hi Joe,
your link to UFT Patch Download is outdated.
Sorry that I am not able to provide an updated link, I am still searching.

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