HP UFT – Critical Patch 3 release for UFT 11.53

HP Critical Patch Release

Good news for HP UFT 11.53 test engineers, today HP released patch 3 for UFT 11.53 which is an accumulative patch. Patch 3 contains the content of UFT 11.53 patch 1, UFT 11.53 patch 2, and UFT 11.53 browser patch 1 and also provides support for the following new browser versions:

What’s new

  • Chrome, version 36, 37 (beta)
  • Firefox, version 32 (beta)

What’s been fixed

Here are some of the issues that have been resolved with this patch release

  • Issues with some SERVICE-TESTS not being opened
  • Fix for Unable to locate the project file error
  • REST encoding issues
  • Slow object spy
  • Strange unable to launch UFT issues resolved
  • Compare XML activity
    behavior fixed
  • Error failed to update components from server this implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms fixed
  • Function library containing declaration issue resolved
  • QTP 11 to UFT 11.52 upgrade issue fixed
  • SetToProperty method change
  • API with UFT 11.51 Error Object reference not set to an instance of an object resolved
  • Startup lag on Windows 7 64bit OS should be quicker now
  • Different webtable behavior between Chrome and IE /Firefox fixed
  • Node not found caused by weird ALM delete resolved
  • OpenURL browser property should behave correctly now
  • UFT 11.52 BPT ExitComponenet and ExitComponentIteration should work correctly
  • WPF add-in causing your application under test should be fixed
  • Funky JSON byte order character issue resolved
  • UFT flex selected dropdown issue should pass
  • Flex buttons should now be added to object repository
  • UFT can now record and replay clicks on SAPbuttons in SAPportal
  • JVM run time error when trying to attach file in UFT 11.52
  • UFT 11.52 WPF/SWP .Net 4.5 framework object recognition issues
  • LoadAndRunAction isn’t downloading all test’s files from ALM to cache
  • ALM param deletion issue with using QUICK_TEST type test cases
  • QuickTest.Application.GetStatus method returning wrong info
  • UFT WPF AUT crashes
  • Firefox version’s 22,23 and 24 pop-up error
  • Error UFT has stopped working. Please close program
  • Upgrading from ServiceTest 11.2 issues
  • Functionality to open Function Library from tests results should be working
  • Error: OpenClipboard Failed
  • UFT 11.53 getting stuck when trying to execute SwfToolbar().Select
  • And much. Much more!

How to get the UFT 11.53 Patch 3

Due to HP’s legal department I can no longer post these patches directly on my sites download section but you can click on these links to automatically download directly from HP:

Below are the patch names and direct download links for the Unified Functional Testing 11.53 Patch. Remember that these patches only apply to HP Unified Functional Testing 11.53 installs.


Matthew Pickle - August 29, 2014

FYI, the 3rd link for UFT Reporter doesn’t work.

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