HP UFT – Browser Certification Pack for UFT 11.53 Patch 4

HP Patch Release

Good news for HP UFT 11.53 test engineers, recently HP released patch 4 for UFT 11.53.

Patch Dependencies

This path does have a dependency on the previous patch 3(00082). So make sure you have that installed before proceeding with installing patch 4.

What’s new

This is the second browser patch. It fixes/provides support for the following browsers:

  • Chrome 37 and 38(beta)
  • Firefox 32, and 33(beta)

Using Chrome with UFT

In order to work with Chrome, UFT needs the Unified Functional Testing Chrome Extension to be able to test web applications in Google Chrome. This extension is available in the Chrome web store. Before you can test using the new extension, you have to remove the previous UFT Agent from Google Chrome.

The extension should download automatically if you have auto-updates enabled. If you are promoted, enable the UFT extension. If it does not download automatically you can

To do this:

  • In Chrome go to chrome://extensions/
  • If the UFT extension exist click on the Remove from Chrome trash icon

How to get the UFT 11.53 Patch 4

Due to HP’s legal department I can no longer post these patches directly on my sites download section but you can click on these links to automatically download directly from HP:

joseph - November 10, 2014

Thanks for the info. Will try to patch my browser

patch for 12.51 - October 6, 2015

chrome is not working with UFT 12.51 need hwlp

Himanshu Sharma - June 14, 2016

I’m using UFT 11.53 and chrome v43.
I have to automate an oracle application but problem is, in one window of the application UFT is able to identify and add objects to the OR using Object spy. However in other windows, UFT is able to identify the object after taking too long but fails to add the objects to OR. Error prompted is “This object cannot be added to Object Repository.
Also when I try to add object directly, only the Browser and the Page gets added not the object.
Please suggest if its a compatibility issue or something else.


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