HP UFT – UFT 11.53 Critical Patch 5 Released

HP UFT Critical Patch Release

Good news for HP UFT 11.53 test engineers, last week HP released patch 5 for UFT 11.53. This patch supersedes the previous UFT_00106 Browser Certification patch for UFT.

What’s new

  • Support for Chrome 39 and 40(beta)
  • Firefox 34 and 35(beta)

What’s been fixed

  • Fixes LoadAndRunAction not downloading all the test’s files from ALM
  • UFT API’s Xml to String activity problem with string not being visible in the Report resolved.
  • Weird UFT 11.53 crashes when running from scheduled ALM test set run
  • General Run Error when using the OracleTextField .Enter
  • Type micPause issue fixed
  • Popup box issue when running batch execution
  • Duplicate record in Excel Data File in Tet Resource
  • Object reference not set to an instance of an object error when using DotNet method System.Environment.GetFolderPath
  • System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException issue fixed
  • Some older components causes UFT GUI scripts to hang
  • Upgrading components causes error One or more test in the solution were not loaded correctly
  • Oracle objects recognized as Java objects
  • Data tab of results viewer there is a tab for each BPT component and all datatables are associated with every component when each datatable should be associated with its own component.

How to get the UFT 11.53 Patch 5

Due to HP’s legal department I can no longer post these patches directly on my sites download section but you can click on these links to automatically download directly from HP:


Below are the patch names and direct download links for the Unified Functional Testing 11.53 Patch. Remember that these patches only apply to HP Unified Functional Testing 11.53 installs.

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