Book Review – “iMovie ’11 & iDVD: The Missing Manual” by Aaron Miller, David Pogue; O’Reilly Media


Overall, I liked iMovie 11 & iDVD.
Being a newbie to iMovie I feel the first couple of chapters really helped me understand the basic functionality of the software. The book is jam packed with useful info, and I can definitely see myself using it as a reference resource. The book is basically divided into three main parts:

Part One – Covers the basics, including importing footage into iMovie, editing clips, adding effects like music and titles, etc.

Part Two– Once your movie is edited, the authors show you step by step how to export your movie in all of the available formats.

Part Three – Explains how to use iDVD, and how to burn your movie to DVD.

The book also contains appendices full of reference material on subjects such as the iMovie menu commands, how to troubleshot common issues, and cheat sheets. You can tell that the author really knows his stuff, yet the book is easy to read, and includes helpful picture demonstrations.

After reading Part One, I was able to take what I’d learned and create a successful intro to my blog videos. If you’re an iMovie newbie like I am, I believe this book is all you’ll need to jump into the fray; more advanced users, however, may want to look elsewhere for the next level of instruction.

If the title of this book is any indication of what the authors were setting out to convey, I feel they were quite successful – it truly is the “missing manual” that should have come with iMovie.

Note: I received a free copy of this book as part of the O’Reilly Blogger Review program. View O’Reilly Product Page


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