Don't Miss This Automation Testing Event: Automation Guild 2018

Don’t Miss This Automation Testing Event: Automation Guild 2018

Test Automation Guild

Are you or your team struggling with automation testing?

Do you have a hard time getting buy-in from your teams with automation? Or don’t even know where to start with automation?

Or do you have an existing test automation framework but it feels like you spend more time maintaining it than you do having it run reliable test suites for you?

Automation Guild 2o18 Online Conference is Now Open

Hey, I’m Joe from, TestTalks and Guild Conferences a blog podcast and online conference platform dedicated to helping you succeed with creating automation awesomeness.

And that’s why I’m so excited to announce today opening of registration for the second annual Automation Guild!

Accelerate Your Automation Testing Efforts

If you’re struggling at all with test automation. We have some of the top experts in the world joining us in the guild to share a tip tool or technique or best practice to help accelerate your tests automation efforts in 2018.

Guild Conferences are great because you don’t have to wish a time looking all over the net. Googling for automation practices. By the end of this conference, you’ll know what it takes to succeed with your test automation efforts.

Listen to a TestTalks Sneak Peak of the 2018 Conference


Save Time and Money

The guild is going to save you time and effort and shorten you’re learning curve because you’re getting all this information in one place. With support from a very active awesome community.

And you don’t have to waste time and money traveling.

Our goal is that you walk away with a tip tool technique or best practice that’s going to help transform your automation efforts and make it a great success.


An Automation Test Conference & Community

This is not a lame webinar.

This is highly curated automation content aimed at helping you get success with your automation efforts along with support from an awesome community, before, during, and long after the conference has ended.

That’s why I’m calling it a conference and community.

Chris Trimper an Automation Guild attendee and Perf Guild speaker said he says guild conferences as a really great online meet up with some awesome knowledge sharing.

And because this is an online conference you get a diverse group of speakers that you normally don’t get at an on-site conference.

For example, we have speakers from all over the world from the U.S. the UK, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, Romania and more. At this year’s event, you’re going to discover.

What You’ll Discover at This Years Test Automation Event

  • Good design test automation patterns.
  • How to get buy-in from your teams with your test automation efforts.
  • How to create maintainable tests.
  • How to reduce your flaky tests.
  • How to grow and scale up your automation efforts. API testing.
  • Automation tips around Selenium, UFT, WinAppDriver, DevOps and more.
  • And the ability to participate in roundtable discussions on topics you choose.

An Online Automation Testing Conference that Doesn’t Suck

I think guild conferences are awesome. But just don’t take my word for it. Dave Haeffner author of the Selenium Guide Book and one of the key contributors to the awesome onsite conference SeleniumConf said “of all the online test automation conferences or online tech conferences he’s seen or attended. This was the first one that didn’t suck.”

So are you in. If so register below and let’s create an epic conference of automation awesomeness together.

See you inside.

Nanny - October 17, 2017

Can’t wait to join all of them :)

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