HP DIAGNOSTICS – Critical Patch Release DIAGCOL_00049/DIAGSRV_00049/DIAGPRB_00094


HP Diagnostics Critical Patch Alert

Last week (01/26/2012) HP released a critical patchs DIAGCOL_00049/DIAGSRV_00049/DIAGPRB_00094 that resolve a bunch of issues.

This release also includes many enhancements. I just updated my Diagnostic server and since this is a critical release I recommend you do the same.

What’s been fixed?

The following issues have been resolved with this patch release:

Java Agent Fixes

  • Java probe crashing on Glassfish 3.1 application server
  • Jboss not working when starting with RMI instrumentation.
  • Issues with Consumer ID extraction not working
  • Inconsistent native timer causing aggregating neg values into AggregateTimeRecord

.NET Agent Fixes

  • HP.MetricsAgent reports large negative network bytes/sec
  • Any upgrade from 9.0 forward adds duplicate entries to probe_config.xml

Server Issues

  • Instrumentation errors in server.sh
  • WARNING license: Error getting license details (any): No license is found in license file appears after instant-on expires this message is logged every 30 second on a mediator (command is licensed)
  • Metric and threshold values in Diagnostics events sent to BSM look incorrect.
  • Alert rules not displayed in Diagnostics UI
  • No data shows up in the Scenario Summary View with .NET wrong IP Address detected.
  • BPT to Application dependency reporting to RTSM needs to be timelier in Diagnostics

What’s been enhanced?

  • LDAP configuration needs a simple authentication type that requires a binding username and password instead of anonymous access, before normal LDAP user login()
  • Diagnostics collector can now connect and extract metrics from TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS)
  • Diagnostics can display key TIBCO operation metrics along with other standard metrics
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Bus 3.1.2 users will see thread-switching server request in on place
  • The collector installer will prompt the user for the location of the IBM MQ jar files provided by IBM and will copy them to the location needed by the collector. This way, the collector is guaranteed to be using the correct, up to data API jar files
  • Running .NET agent install session does not produce a log file on some systems.
  • Create an alert to warn about symbol table overflow conditions
  • Alert Events not generated for Availability metrics. A new flag in server.properties(threshold.evalutation.status.red.for.availability) now allows alerting on the availability metric
  • Enhanced CPU metrics in Solaris Zones to return CPU for that guest zone only and not the host system
  • Add support for specific JMX “generational” heap metrics which are a complex JMX metric type.
  • JAX-WS-Outbound instrumentation is very inefficient
  • If only the total size of all instances of one certain class is >1000 bytes, it will then be shown in the heap dump table.
  • Enable correlation map monitoring and memory use reduction by default.

Get the patch

Like I said, this is a critical patch, so save yourself some headaches and install it now. To get DIAGCOL_00049/DIAGSRV_00049/DIAGPRB_00094 you can download them from HP’s self solve patch section. Sorry – I don’t have enough space to store it in my downloads section https://www.joecolantonio.com/downloads

Kiz - February 3, 2012

Hey Joe
The said patch is not available on your mentioned link..Please help me in this regard..

    Joe Colantonio - February 3, 2012

    Kiz » Hi – Sorry! But the file is to big for me to store in my download section. You can download it from HP’s self solve ‘Patch’ section named Server – 9.12.07 -DIAGSRV_00049

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