HP Patch Release for LoadRunner TruClient Protocol

HP Patch Release for LoadRunner TruClient Protocol

HP LoadRunner Patch Alert

I just wanted to give a quick on HP’s latest LoadRunner patch release. Its good news for early adopters of LoadRunner 12.1, HP just released a patch to update for TruClient-Firefox users. This patch should be installed on machines that already have LR 12.01.

What’s been Added

  • This patch adds support for Firefox version 30.0 for users using the TruClient Firefox protocol.

What’s Been Fixed

  • When running the LoadRunner as an agent there is improved support for testing application that are sensitive to screen resolution.
  • This should fix a known TruClient and Angular.js failing replay issues due to the browser rendering in low resolution.

How to Get LoadRunner’s Latest Patch


Due to HP’s legal department I can no longer post these patches directly on my sites download section but you can click on these links to automatically download directly from HP:

Below are the patch names and direct download links for the LoadRunner 12.1 TruClient Patch


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