HP UFT – Patch 1 release for UFT 11.52


HP UFT Patch 1 for 11.52 Released

Good news for HP UFT testers, today HP released Patch 1 for UFT 11.52.

New Browser Support

This patch adds browser support for:

  • Chrome version’s 27, 28 and 29 Beta
  • Firefox version’s 22 and 23 Beta

What’s been fixed

  • NTML causing issue when trying to connect UFT 11.5 to ALM 11 now works
  • Fix for “An expected error occurred” error message when clicking or selecting text (through the keyboard) in certain situations has been added to this patch.
  • TEA based add-in created in QTP 11 is broken after upgrading to UFT has been resolved.
  • API test now works with special XML content. This was causing issues when using imported XML files as an HTTP response for REST services.
  • Test object’s property remains with value set by SetTOProperty after using GetROProperty
  • UFT is able to open tests created in QTP 11
  • Script should open in “Ready Only” mode when executed from ALM.
  • The returned value of native functions in UFT 11.5x is “Nothing” as it was in QTP 11.
  • JavaTable issue while using GetROProperty(“column names”) method to retrieve the column names returning an empty value has been fixed
  • It’s possible to copy and paste checkpoints after closing the OR
  • Data-driven checkpoint does not pass if checking the value of an element attribute.
  • Breakpoints in QFL files not working when running test from QC 11.

How to get the UFT 11.52 Patch 1

Click on the patch name below to directly download from HP’s support site (username and password not required):

Vin - August 15, 2013

Good stuff Joel!

Matt - September 11, 2013

This patch caused a lot of General Run Errors (-2147467259) in my existing scripts, especially with overridden functions (RegisterUserFunc). I uninstalled the patch and everything works again. I was hoping all the recent patches would help with the WPF/Silverlight performance. My scripts run at a crawl.

    Joe Colantonio - September 17, 2013

    Thanks Matt for a heads-up!! Has anyone else seen this issue?

    Buby - January 3, 2014

    Hi Matt,
    After reading your comment I understand t
    hat you have worked on automating silverlight application using UFT. I am trying to automate our web based application that has a section developed in MS silverlight (version 5.1.20913.0) and I am using UFT 11.52 but unable to identify the silverlight objects. On spying, the entire section gets identified as WebElement.
    Can you please let me know what I need to do so that UFT can identify the objects.
    Thanks in advance.

mannan - September 17, 2013

Hello Joe,

I have an Java based GUI application on Linux operating system, was wondering if i can automate the application..
If there is a way can you please guide me a bit of how i can do this?

    Joe Colantonio - September 17, 2013

    Hi – UFT/QTP does not run on Linux. I have not used any tool for Linux automation but I did a quick search on Google and found QF-TEST for java automation that runs on linux: http://www.qfs.de/en/qftest/faq.html#faq_2

Suvendu - February 13, 2014

Hi Joe,
we are stuck in a very urgent issue, pls provide the solution.
we are using UFT 11.52 on .NET 4 environment and testing a wpf applicatrion

In that application there is a wpftable. inside the wpftable there are some columns and rows in the table. each cell contains some objects like checkbox, picklist etc.we are not able to get the control on the objects in the wpftable. when spy, it is shown as a complete single grid and not shown any object isnide the wpftable. pls let me know how to get contol on the checkboxes, picklist in the wpftable. we need to check/uncheck checkboxes etc


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