LoadRunner 11 Patch – Support for IE9, Mobile Testing and Granite DS


Last week HP released a QTP patch (QTPWEB_00078) for testing web applications in Internet Explorer 9 — this week, they did the same for LoadRunner. LoadRunner patch LR_03063 enables recording support for IE9 and also contains two new mobile protocols and support for Granite DS.

The patch for LoadRunner is critical, so I highly recommend that you install it. The patch contains the following:

1. Support for IE9:
The patch enables LoadRunner web protocol to support recording against Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7 Enterprise, 32 bit and Windows Server 2008, 32 bit.(Note: Recording on Internet Explorer version 9.0 64 bits is not supported).

2. Two New Mobile Protocols:
The patch contains two new protocols for Mobile testing.


  • Mobile App (HTTP/HTML) protocol – allows the ability to script against a mobile device or emulator.
  • Mobile TrueClinet protocol – enables recording –using Ajax TruClient — against mobile browser apps


3. Granite DS (Data Services):
Support for testing apps that run on Granite DS has been added. Granite is an open source solution for Flex/JavaEE RIA application development.

Patch LR_03063 Also Fixes the Following Issues:


  • Japanese title on cover page of Analysis PDF Report
    doesn’t display correctly.
  • Oracle 2-Tier script replay causes error: lrd_assign:
    ERROR, return-code=LRDE2027.
  • Analysis sorts the graph data measurements of columns
  • LR VuGen does not display all Citrix published
  • Line graph’s width setting gets reset in Analysis.
  • Image Synch – Append Snapshot window is cut off.


Jithin - August 13, 2012

Thanks! Helped me twice- for the QTP and the LR patches!

    Joe Colantonio - August 13, 2012

    Jithin » Awesome – good to hear!

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