QTP 11 – Google Chrome 24 Support – Patch QTPWEB_00120


What’s new?

Good news for QTP web testers — HP just released a new patch QTPWEB_00120 that adds QTP support for testing web apps running in the Google Chrome 24 browser.

How to get the new QTP Google Chrome 24 Patch QTPWEB_00120

To get the QuickTest Professional Google Chrome 24 Patch QTPWEB_00120 either requests it from HP support or you can download it from:

Are there any Patch Dependencies?

Yes — if you haven’t already you need to also install the Firefox patch QTPWEB_00090 which includes support content from QTPWEB_00088 ‘Support for Running Steps in Google Chrome’

What other Patches are available for QTP 11?

For an updated list of all patches available for QTP 11 check out the Patches section in my article: QTP 11 Support Matrix with Patch Updates

Loya - February 17, 2013

Hi Sir,
May I have one question about Chrome 24 in QTP please? That is about the QTP Script function “Browser(XXX).Page(XXX).WebElement(XXX).Object.style.display” will fail sometime(But it also can pass some time) with the error message “RUN Error” time to time in Chrome 24, Do you know what is the root cause and how to fix it? Thank you so much and Kindly please help me about it

    Joe Colantonio - February 20, 2013

    Loya » Not sure Loya – has anyone else seen this?

Loya - February 17, 2013

Sorry for forgetting to say that I have installed the Latest patches successfully for Chrome 24 in QTP

Sujata Bhattacharya - March 5, 2013

Hi sir,Can you please tell me the solution of installing qtp 10.0 in Windows 8…..its really urgent

    Joe Colantonio - March 8, 2013

    Sujata Bhattacharya » Sorry QTP 10 currently is not supported on Windows 8. QTP 11 has a patch for this.

Tanya - March 26, 2013

Hi Sir,

Please share the pacth for Chrome 25, i am having latest version of chrome 25 this 120 Package is not working on that


    Joe Colantonio - March 26, 2013

    Tanya » Hi – HP has not released an Patch for CHROME 25 yet.

Dallas - April 12, 2013

Hi Joe,

You mentioned that HP hasn’t released a patch for Chrome 25 yet. I have QTP 11 installed on two XP machines. Both have the same patches installed, but one machine is able to run tests on Chrome 26, while the other machine is unable to identify any Chrome 26 objects. Do you know what would cause this?


    Joe Colantonio - April 12, 2013

    Dallas » Hi Dallas – that’s odd. If you go to QTP Help>About QuickTest Professional. On the About QuickTest Professional 11 screen click on the “Click to generate product information”. Compare what each QTP install has under Hotfix and Patch Information. My guess would be that one has a chrome patch that the other one doesn’t.

srini - April 29, 2013


I installed qtp patch 709,78,88,90,100,102,120 but no other browser option dipplays in the record and run setting option

Sagar - May 21, 2013

Hi Joe,
I have installed patch QTPWEB_00090 and QTPWEB_00120, but still QTP is not supporting Chrome, i have tried recording test on Chrome 24 browser,
Using spy it is able to identify object, but parent object is identified as Window instead of Browser
Pls reply

s/w details on my machine:
QTP 11 with patches QTPWEB_00090,QTPWEB_00120,QTPWEB_00122
Chrome 24

Greg Ryan - May 30, 2013


I have the latest patch for QTP and Chrome (QTPWEB_00120) which was for Chrome 24

My Chorme is now version 27 and QTP is not recognising it.

Is this a known issue or am I missing something ?



Greg Ryan - June 12, 2013

Any follow up on this ?



Raj - June 16, 2013

Hi Joe,

I am a regular followers of your blog.
I have a requirement to automate to compare two PDF files.

do we have any open source tools to compare 2 PDF files.

Please suggest me if you have anything else.

Thank you

    Joe Colantonio - September 2, 2013

    Hi – have you checked out the new version of UFT 11.50 – it has new PDF testing functionality built it.

Hemanth kumar D - September 17, 2013

Dear Joe,

Thanks a lot for sharing all the information with us.

I have installed patches for chrome QTPWEB_0088 and QTPWEB_00120

But iframe not recongnizing..Is it supporting iframes in chrome?

    Joe Colantonio - September 17, 2013

    Hi the following are not supported by QTP/UFT with chrome:

    Running steps not supported:

    Chrome: //* pages
    Multiple tabs
    Multiple browsers
    Web pages that include frame sets
    WebXML test objects
    Web test objects located inside iFrame controls with a’blank’ or ‘about:blank ‘SRC in property value
    Developers Tools Pane but running against Google Chrome while the developers tools pane is open is supported
    Web 2.0 test objects or Web Extensibility-based test objects
    Web-based env, such as SAP Web, Siebel, Java, .NET Webforms etc..

Ratna - November 6, 2014

Hello Joe,
We have recently migrated from qtp11 tp UFT12. While connecting ALM 11.52 from UFT12, it is disconnected automatically from alm and results are not getting updated in ALM. Could you please suggest is there any workaround to overcome this issue.


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