QTP UFT Object Recognition Issues with .NET

QTP UFT Object Recognition Issues with .NET

Here’s a quick post telling how I’m sometimes able to resolve .NET object recognition issues with QuickTest Professional or UFT. This is an odd one, but sometimes when I install UFT or QTP on a new machine or upgrade to a newer version, QTP is unable to spy on .Net objects.

For example, here’s a .NET application — but when I spy on it, it shows what should be SwfEdit class name as WinObject class name type:

This is weird, but it works!

To fix, try doing a quick recording against your application, then spy on your application again. You may find that the spy tool in QTP / UFT is suddenly able to recognize your .NET objects.

Weird, and it was all caught on video. Check it out:

That’s it.

For some reason, QTP not picking up the correct call type seems to be a hook issue with.Net fields, but once you record, it’s fixed. I’ve been able to consistently reproduce this on my Windows 7 machine after installing UFT 11.5.

It may not solve all your .NET object recognition issues, but it should be one of the first things you try before giving up. From some other quick QTP object recognition tips and tricks, check out my post, “Six things to try when QTP or UFT does not recognize an object.”

Mohan - January 9, 2014


I have the same issues wtih UFT and .Net Application. I am using a trial version of UFT now. Should that be an issue. I have tried to spy, but the issues remains.

Saurabh Jain - June 17, 2014

This worked for me.

javier - March 9, 2015

didn’t work for me.

Mark - February 15, 2016

Close all browsers, Open UFT, then re-open the browser.

That fixed the problem for me. Maybe it’s the way I have the test configured, but seems like UFT doesn’t identify the .net objects in my IE11 browser if the browser is already open when UFT is started.

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