WPF and .NET versions supported by QTP

WPF and .NET versions supported by QTP

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The versions of .NET and WPF that are support by HP’s QTP depends on what version of QuickTest Professional that you are currently using.

Important: the order on which QTP 11 and .NET was installed my create object identification issues. For more info check out my post QTP .NET 4.0 Object Recognition Issues

Table of Supported WPF/.NET Versions QTP

The table below shows what versions of .NET and WPF are supported by QTP 11,10,9.5 and 9.1

.NET Framework Version Add-in QTP 11 QTP 10 QTP 9.5 QTP 9.2 QTP 9.1
1.1 NET(SWF) No No No Yes Yes
WPF No No No No No
2 NET(SWF) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
WPF No No No No No
3 NET(SWF) Yes Yes Yes Yes No
WPF Yes Yes Yes Yes No
3.5 NET(SWF) Yes Yes Yes No No
WPF Yes Yes Yes No No
4 NET(SWF) Yes No No No No
WPF Yes No No No No

What .NET and WPF Controls are supported?

For a list of support .NET and WPF controls check out my post: QTP11 Support Matrix with Patch Updates. Keep in minds that QTP .NET Add-in supports testing WPF controls inherited directly and indirectly from the System.Windows.Controls.Control class regardless of which language was used to create the application.

itest - January 29, 2014

how about .Net 4.5 ?

    Joe Colantonio - February 1, 2014

    Currently, QTP does not provide support for .Net Framework 4.5, in this scenario the recommendation is to upgrade to UFT 11.53.

Kamran Khan - June 4, 2014

I wonder if QTP has gained maturity for WPF?
We’re using Telerik controls (built in .net and WCF/WPF combination)

Anyone had similar combination?

Girish Bhake - July 3, 2017

UFT version 12.54 support WCF framework?

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