Service Test 11.20 – Critical patch release that resolves multiple issues – SOAST_00064


Patch Alert

HP just relases a new critical patch (SOAST_00064) for Service Test 11.20. This patch includes many feature updates and multiple fixes for known issues.

What features have been updated?

The following features have been updated with this patch release:

  • Updating Services
  • ReportMessage Activity
  • String to XML Activity
  • Checkpoints
  • ALM/QC Integration
  • BPT Integration
  • Property Sheet
  • What is fixed?

    SOAST_00064 fixes the folowing known issues:

  • Scripts getting corrupted if a SoapFault envelope content is reported using the ReportMessage activity
  • Issue with not being able to create link for checkpoints
  • ST automatically removing an XML node contains an empty ‘xmlns’ reference
  • Incorrectly reports status to Quality Center with multiple checkpoints
  • BPT Service Test error when running without TD Admin privileges
  • During replay, Service Test issues an error: “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”
  • Unable to import a WSDL if ST is connected to ALM 11. Correct behavior if ST saves it locally.
  • Updating a service causes the activity name to change.
  • For IBM MQ activiites, ST 11.20 adds random bytes at the beginning of the message for Put, and deletes 2 bytes for Get.
  • Get the Patch

    Like I said, this is a critical patch, so save yourself some headaches and install it now. To get SOAST_00064 either request it from HP support or you can download it from

    For an updated list of all patches available for Service Test 11 check out the Patches section in my article: Service Test 11 Support Matrix with Patch Updates

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