Service Test 11.20 – New Critical Patch SOAST_00067


Patch Alert

HP just released a new critical cumulative patch (SOAST_00067) for Service Test 11.20. This patch includes many feature updates and multiple fixes for known issues.

What Features have been updated?

  • The following features have been updated with this patch release:
  • Importing WSDLs updated
  • Integration with HP Service Virtualization
  • Integration with ALM/QC updated
  • BPT Integration updated
  • DB activities
  • Loop Activates
  • Conditional Activity
  • Reporting
  • Checkpoints
  • Code Generation

What’s been fixed?

  • An issue with ST 11.2 & QC 10 structural checkpoint failing but passing test in QC 10 had been resolved
  • Odd Issues when running ST 11.2 BPT components from QC
  • Annoying bug in a connection string to DB data source when a DB is inaccessible
  • The number of iterations of a loop is not retrieved correctly
  • Importing WSDL’s is not working when Service Test is connected to ALM 11 but it works fine if ST saves it locally
  • The error: “Cannot read data after the object is disposed” in the second iteration of a nested loop has been resolved.
  • Conditional steps are not evaluated correctly when the operands of the evaluated condition are not of matching data types
  • Error when connecting as a non-admin connecting to ALM 11
  • (My personal favorite) Installation of ST 11.20 patch 3 causes some calls to web services that were previously successful to fail
  • Modifications done in test under specific condition are not taken under consideration.
  • ST 11.2 Unable to Drag and Drop Web Service Activities onto the canvas area

How to Get the Patch

Like I said, this is a critical patch, so save yourself some headaches and install it now. To get SOAST_00067 either request it from HP support or you can download it from

Prasanth V - October 30, 2012

Hi Joe,

Its really good job. Very useful info given by you :D

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