Service Test 11 vs. QTP with WebService Add-in: What’s the Difference?


Service Test 11 or QTP — What’s the deal?

I am often asked questions like, “Why do I need Service Test 11?” or “What’s the difference between QTP with the Web Service Add-in and Service Test 11?” So here are my answers. I hope they’re helpful.

QTP or Service Test?

QuickTest Pro is great for functional testing of applications that have user interfaces. Service Test 11 was designed from the ground up to hand headless testing (applications that do not have a user interface).

This makes ST ideal for web service testing, since it is one of the technologies it was created specifically for. Yes — I know that QTP had a “Web Service” add-in, but if you have used it for any amount of time, you know it’s just not up to the task of handling complex web services. The add-in is old and was designed when SOA was still relatively new, so it doesn’t have all of the desired functionality most folks are generally looking for.

Service Test is Easier to Use

For web service testing in general, I’ve found ST much easier to use than QTP. QTP has a clunky testing flow for web service and has odd, poorly documented web service methods that make it difficult to achieve certain functionalities. ST is, in essence, just dragging and dropping “operations” onto a canvas area and setting parameters. To see what I’m referring to check out my videos:VIDEO – How to test a web service using QTP with the web service add-in and VIDEO – Automation Awesomeness — How to test a web service in HP’s new Service Test 11

Unlike QTP, Service Test also has the following features:

  • Script can be used as performance test in LoadRunner
  • Built-in support for XPath expressions
  • Built-in support for Soap Fault testing (this is great for negative testing)
  • Built-in support for REST Services
  • Built-in support for JMS testing
  • Built-in scenarios for configuring security in Web Service calls

Also — with HP’s new Unified License you have the option of integrating Service Test and QTP so one has the ability to call the other.


If you’re serious about web service testing, I would recommend Service Test 11.10 over QTP. Ultimately, however, the decision is one you have to make for yourself. Utilizing QTP with the web service works may work fine for you. But my feeling is that HP will find a way to either kill off the add-in by never updating it, or morphing the two products into one… so the moral of the story, in my opinion, is that you might as well get on board now!

Lukasz - March 1, 2013

I don’t see any comment so I write my own.
Did anyone consider using SoapUI for WebServices tests?
This tool has nice interface and many features which you can get by scripting. This usually gives the power to the automation.

My assumption (I didn’t see Service Test yet) is that the Service Test may share low quality as QTP does. But I am prejudiced, I know that.
So I count on discussion of ones who tell me I am wrong.


    Joe Colantonio - March 1, 2013

    Lukasz » SoapUI is great but if people are already using a QTP framework it is easy to integrate Service Test and Load Runner in one test flow and perform end to end testing. I know you’re down on QTP but like anything QTP is just a tool and only as good as the person programming it.

      Lukasz - March 1, 2013

      That’s ok. I didn’t want to insult anyone.
      This is possible to make huge test suites in QTP, I was doing things like that. QTP can do the job, but there is such saying ‘the better is the enemy of the good’ (hard to translate into English to share the context). I mean that QTP is not evolving practically and other tools do. HP did nothing with QTP except adding some nicer looking icons or minor things. On my PC QTP is hanging for the first time I run it after reboot. But luckily I don’t use it currently, we are doing a switch into Test Complete and Selenium.
      And you are perfectly right, automation is only as good as the person doing it. No tool can help when you do that without heart.

        Chris Trimper - March 27, 2014

        I know this is an older thread – but wanted to remind folks that with UFT 11.5+, there is a converter for anyone using SoapUI that wants to go to API Test (new name for Service Test). This way you can ease your way into service testing with either the HP tools or SoapUI, but eventually migrate to the HP set / fully utilizing integrated testing / integrated reporting to ALM.

Madhur Shirodkar - June 6, 2013

I think the integration of HP Service Test & QTP to form UFT is a great way to go . The Web Service add-in QTP 11.0 is still not upgraded to handle wsdls built as per latest trends .

jerry - March 14, 2014

Please…please…does anyone know where I can find a simple table detailing the license cost for QC and QTP? Years ago, HP had a matrix that they would provide displaying the different license options and cost. Today, I can’t seem to find any pricing information anywhere. So, if you know of a link or secret place to find this info, I would be tremendously grateful.

Thank You.

    Joe Colantonio - March 17, 2014

    I don’t think HP publishes this info. Does any on else know?

      Chris Trimper - March 27, 2014

      I’m not sure it’s publishable. Maybe a PM and I’d feel less like I’m breaking rules…

        Joe Colantonio - March 28, 2014

        Hi Chris – have you use the soapUI convertor successfully ? I’ve tried a few times without any luck

shameer s - March 15, 2014

Do anyone have any webservice testing automation framwework using HP Service Test 11 or UFT or QTP?If yes please share.


shameer - March 17, 2014

Hi Joe,
when I am trying to call ‘Insert to Service Test’ test from QTP, i am getting an error as ‘QuickTest must be using a UFT license’, due to which I am unable to invoke service test from QTP. Already we are having concurrent license for QTP 11. Could you please advice why this error is occuring.

Nisha - October 8, 2014

Hey Joe,
I am very new to web service testing, i have endpoint address url but when i pass that in URL filed in webservice wizard its throwing error as saying no methods are defined. can you plz tell me how i need to pass endpoint url in place of wsdl to procced further

thanks nisha

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