Test Talks Podcast Episode5 – Top new Features in UFT, LoadRunner and ALM 12

Test Talks a Podcast dedicated to Test Automation Episode 05

I recently released the fifth episode of TestTalks where we geek out about HP’s latest version 12 release of UFT, LoadRunner and ALM. This is my first solo episode – let me know what you think.

Episode 05 is all about UFT 12








In this episode we talk about the latest HP release of  UFT 12, LoadRunner 12 and ALM 12 and the top new features you need to know about like:

  • The current browsers supported by UFT 12 and LoadRunner
  • ALM UI change
  • Cool new free 50 user license now included with LoadRunner
  • Excel reports are no longer supported in ALM 12
  • Running UFT web tests scripts in Safari on a remote mac
  • My top new must performance testing book pick
  • Plus more!








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Matt Pickle - May 20, 2014

I’m uninstalling UFT 12.0 on all our VM’s now and going back to 11.53. Any error message or breakpoint in code freezes the entire app and I have to restart UFT. Makes for difficult debugging.

    Joe Colantonio - May 21, 2014

    That stinks – I haven’t used UFT 12 that much so I have not seen this. Has anyone else seen this behavior with UFT 12?

      Vinay - June 4, 2014

      We are also getting error while connecting UFT 12 to ALM. Error Message – “Failure in Spider module process- This type of installation requires administrative privileges”
      Have to select ‘run as administrator’ to be able to connect to ALM

        Joe Colantonio - June 4, 2014

        Are you starting the browser as an Admin before navigating to ALM?

          Abdul - June 13, 2014

          We are also getting the same error. “Failure in spider module process”. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this issue

        Joshua Sumanth Kumar - October 29, 2014

        Vinay how did you fix this Issue as Admin

      Robin - April 1, 2015

      I experienced that behavior with UFT 11.52, though was using the trial version. So don’t know if that caused the behavior or if it was UFT in general.

greg - June 4, 2014

Hi Joe

Been following your site for a while now. I am using UFT 12 on Win 7.

I have been able to use Extensibility Accelerator to identify google map objects – nice work HP.

Only strange issue has been dealing with some error messages not correctly triggering the recovery scenario to restart current iteration. Hangs my work at bad times.

AK - April 3, 2015

Hi Joe,
Good information in your forum. I like it.

We extensively use UFT 12 and we are always able to connect to QC as long as in our configuration file we have set setting to true for QC connection and QC URL is correct.
We always use UFT in admin.

One question –
For POST rest operation we have JSON payload file through which we send input parameters to the API + few more as query parameters. In order to be able to use JSON payload file in UFT 12 it needs to be templatized with eval begin/end JSON. Templatizing is manual so far, I am looking for an automated way to templatize or a video or instructions you may have to test POST operation using UFT 12.


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