01: Lance Kind: Discover the Benefits of Behavior Driven Development

BDD using Steam or Magic

What do Steampunk and Harry Potter have to do with Behavior Driven Development (BDD)? Join us as Lance enlightens us about BDD.

About Lance Kind

Lance Kind lives in Xiamen, China, Seattle, Washington, and spaces in between. There he does Agile consulting and writes science fiction, and currently has an animated SciFi movie in production called “Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens”(LIKE us on FaceBook). He publishes Nook and Kindle books under the name Lancer Kind, and can be contacted at LancerKind@gmail.com.

Quotes & Insights

Listen to this episode of Test Talk for some great quotes & insight, including the following:

  • You can’t automate creativity.
  • If you do BDD badly, you may end up spending more to do the testing maintenance than it would to do the manual testing.
  • Debugging is a source of waste in our development process – BDD can help!
  • If you simply want test automation, why do BDD?
  • BDD is a big change because it’s a cross-functional practice.
  • How to keep our BDD implementation free
  • How to apply lean manufacturing principles to software


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rupa - February 19, 2014

Looking forward to this set of podcasts! Please check your RSS feed though, episode 0 is listed correctly, but episode 1 is lacking any enclosure so there is no audio associated with it.

    Joe Colantonio - February 21, 2014

    Thanks Rupa! I think I fixed it.

Mark Johnson - March 3, 2014

Great talk! As I was listening, I realized that the tester insight in a discussion can help the software engineers to focus on the most critical, AND reduce scope on the less important. I have always thought of testers adding and adding (“better include a negative dollar amount”, “better include where patient anme does not agree with Medical Record number”, but a healthy discussion can actually help eliminate some lower risk or lower impact complex situations that an engineer may have otherwise felt compelled to address.

Keep Test Talking!!!!

    Joe Colantonio - March 3, 2014

    Thanks Mark – I agree that these types of conversation between QA and Dev before writing any code is a big benefit of BDD.

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