05: Joe Colantonio: The Top New Features in UFT, ALM and LoadRunner 12

HP Releases UFT, ALM and LoadRunner 12 – Features You Need to Know

Want to know the top new features found in HP's UFT, LoadRunner and ALM 12? Here’s a quick look at the top new features I think you’re going to love!

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

Unified Functional Testing (UFT 12) now supports:

  • Browsers: IE11, Firefox 27 and Chrome 32
  • No longer need to disable window's User Account Control to install UFT
  • New Technology Previews to run UFT web tests on a remote mac using a Safari browser
  • Can install on OS without having to install language packs
  • New parameter in ALM to automatically upload UFT run results
  • New Delphi, StingRay 11 and Flex support

LoadRunner 12 now supports:

  • Supports IE 11
  • Community License Bundle- 50 free users includes all protocols excepts template  bundle users, UFT GUI or COM VUsers.
  • Supports Windows  Server 2012
  • New support for load generators in the cloud
  • HTML5 websockets now supported

ALM 12

  • New look to the user interface
  • Excel reports no longer supported
  • The less a company knows about the work their system did in the last five minutes, the more deeply screwed up they are.” ~ Bob's First Rule of Performance Work



  • SoapUI 5 Beta – now had REST mocking functionality.
  • SOASTA – CloudLite – is a free downloadable performance testing tool edition. It delivers rapid test creation, a visual interface, real-time analytics for test automation and performance testing throughout the application development lifecycle.

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Trying to find a list of deprecated features in ALM 12. Does such a list exist? If so, where can I find it?


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