Unleash Your Automation Awesomeness With SauceLabs

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Why Sauce Labs is the Secret Sauce to your Test Automation Success

When I started TestTalks I vowed to myself that if I ever had a chance to partner up with a sponsor, I would only do so if I believed that sponsor would benefit my TestTalks and JoeColantonio.com audience. I believe that Sauce Labs is one of those rare sponsors that provides a service beneficial to anyone involved in manual, automated or mobile-based testing.

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Frustration Fixer

Let’s face it: test automaton is not easy. Don’t make it any harder on yourself. Leverage Sauce Labs to handle all the frustrating work of managing your test/continuous integration environments for you. No more keeping track of and having to update multiple VMs with a myriad of OS and Browser combinations.

Using Sauce Labs, you can run your tests against more than 400 browser and OS combinations. Look — we’re testers. We don’t want to spend our time doing boring test lab maintenance. With Sauce Labs you can easily create a reliable, maintenance- free testing infrastructure with minimum effort.

Need to perform mobile testing? No worries. You can test both Android and IOS with the same set of scripts

Run Tests Faster

With Sauce get a scalable solution that allows you to spread your test suite against multiple machines, allowing running your test to run more quickly. There’ll no longer be a need to wait around for your tests, or hear your developer complaining to you that your tests are too slow.

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Debugging Made Easy

When you run your test in Sauce, there’s no setup on your part, and you won’t have to waste time digging through never-ending log files. When your tests are done you’ll get your results automatically — along with video and screenshots — so you’ll know exactly what to fix if your test fails.

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Save yourself time and headaches by leveling up your automated testing – try Sauce Labs for free for 14 days. Test against 900+ browser/OS combinations, plus real devices. Unleash your automation “sauceomeness” today!