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Joe Colantonio

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Book Review – PhantomJS Cookbook

Book Review – PhantomJS Cookbook post image

PhantomJS Cookbook by Rob Fiesel

Maybe you’re a selenium automation engineer looking for more info on headless browser automation. Or you’re a developer who wants to automate some unit tests. You might even be an engineer who is concerned about your application’s performance. The PhantomJS Cookbook by Rob Fiesel has plenty of recipes to satisfy all three types of users.

In his PhantomJS Cookbook, Rob covers the fundamentals of the headless browser as well as a variety of testing tasks of varying degrees of difficulty.
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About a month ago I gave a webinar for the VIVIT HP UFT group on The Basics of API testing Using HP’s Unified Functional Testing (UFT).

Since then I’ve received a few emails asking me to rerecord the webinar because of the bad quality of the VIVIT recording. You asked for it — here it is. I broke the webinar down into two videos.
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How to Install PhantomJS

phantomJS headless browser

PhantomJs – How to Install

PhantomJs is an opensource browser that runs headlessly. It gives you the ability to create fast scripts using its javascript API to automate a bunch of cool things like:

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Selenium Grid – How to Setup a Hub and Node

Selenium Grid – How to Setup a Hub and Node thumbnail

Get Started using Selenium Grid

Before setting up a Selenium grid you need to make sure you have Java installed and configured in your computer’s environment path. If you don’t, here are some step by step instructions to get your machine configured:

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Review – How to Hack Your API-Security Testing

Hack API

The Age of the API

Are you aware of the fact that anyone can see your API traffic? The question is, what are you doing about it? Do you even know how to begin, or what tools to use for security testing? Don’t fear! Troy Hunt’s PluralSight course, Hack Your API First is a great introduction to start you on your way to security testing awesomeness.

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Does QTP support IE 10 or IE 11?


Does QTP support IE 10 or IE 11?

For some reason I’ve received multiple emails this week inquiring as to whether QTP supports IE 10 or IE 11. Rather than send an individual reply for these types of questions, I decided to create a quick resource post to address them.

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The GUI is No Longer King – Why API Testing is important

The GUI is No Longer King – Why API Testing is important post image


I’ve been involved with test automation for over 15 years, and in the beginning, pretty much all my test automation efforts focused on automating GUI user interfaces like thick client applications, browsers and even green screen for mainframes.

Now my time is split approximately 50/50 between creating automated tests for UI and creating tests for APIs like REST services. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Agile practices
  2. The Internet Of things

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How to Turn Off IE Automatic Updates

How to Turn Off IE Automatic Updates post image

Turning Off IE Automatic Updates

For all you fellow IE weirdos that can only run your applications against older version of IE9 or IE10 but have test machines that are consistently updating your browser to IE 11, this one is for you.

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Selenium WebDriver Version 2.43.0 Released

Selenium WebDriver Version 2.43.0 Released post image

Selenium WebDriver Version 2.43.0 Released

The bad news: I was hoping that Selenium 3 would be announced and released by now, but you don’t always get what you want.

The good news is that version 2.43.0 was just released for all the Selenium language bindings.

Here is what’s been enhanced/fixed/changed in the latest 2.43.0 versions:

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The Female Factor – Why We Need More Women in Tech

Women rock testing just as well as any dude!

In just over three days of being live, Danielle’s TestTalks podcast episode has already surpassed the previous three episode’s download numbers! It’s well on its way to being the most popular podcast on TestTalks to date. If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out. Listen now–>http://www.testtalks.com/16

Danielle is a QA engineer with a passion for fashion and technology. She works at ASOS, one of the largest global online fashion retailers in the world. She shares with us what it’s like to be a female engineer in a male- dominated field.

Her insight should inspire any young woman who is considering a career in technology, and will encourage anyone listening that women can rock testing just as well as any dude.
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