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Selenium + AutoIT: How to Automate Non-Browser Based Functionality

Selenium + AutoIT: How to Automate Non-Browser Based Functionality post image

The Problem

My team is currently working on a project using Behavior Driven Development and Java. Our main application is browser-based, so we’re also using the Selenium WebDriver with Java; however, our application also has other thick client applications integrated into it.

Most of our automation efforts are fine when using Selenium with BDD, but issues arise whenever we need to perform actions against the thick client applications when testing certain workflows. What to do?

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Clean Test Code – Test Automation Code is Real Code

Clean Test Code – Test Automation Code is Real Code post image

Is Test Automation real Development?

As test engineers, how often have we proclaimed that test automation code is real code– and should be treated like any other development project?

I say it all the time.

Since test automation code is development code, it should adhere to the same standards –code reviews and the like–just like any other development effort.

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Book Review – Scrum Noir – A Silo to Hell

Book Review – Scrum Noir – A Silo to Hell post image

Scrum Noir – A Silo to Hell

Are you on a scrum team that tries to close a sprint without doing any testing? Are you working in an “agile” environment in a two-week sprint that feels more like an endless, accelerated mini-waterfall project? Do the developers on your team automatically assume that any story that contains the word “test” in it is someone else’s responsibility?

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QTP UFT – How to Get a WebElements CSS Style Attributes

HP UFT 11.50

How to get a CSS Style Attribute using UFT

If you’re a long-time user of QuickTest Professional you’ve probably always wished there was an easy way to grab a web page field’s CSS style attributes. Until recently, the only way to get this functionality was to create your own custom (and sometime unreliable) solution to do this.

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Selenium – Create an Executable Java Test

Selenium WebDriver Book

Using Selenium to automate repetitive tasks

Selenium is normally used for the automation of and end-to-end testing against a web application. But sometimes you may just want to automate some repetitive task that you do often to simply save yourself some time. Or you can create an application that executes Selenium actions, but pauses after certain steps to allow you to visually inspect hard-to-automate, visually intensive activities. You can use Selenium for these types of tasks as well.

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UFT API – How to Get a User’s Input at RunTime using an InputBox

UFT API – How to Get a User’s Input at RunTime using an InputBox post image

How to create a input dialog in UFT API

Once in a while you might have to create a UFT API test that needs some user input at runtime. Ideally this should be rare, since normally the whole point of automating most tests is to be able to run them overnight unattended.

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LoadRunner 11.52 Patch 2 – Fix for OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug

LoadRunner 11.52 Patch 2 – Fix for OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug post image

LoadRunner Heartbleed Issue

I just wanted to create a quick post to let you know that HP just released a fix for the OpenSSL Heartbleed bug for LoadRunner 11.52. Because OpenSSL is a 3rd party product that is embedded with LR, to be safe, HP is releasing this patch.

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How to run a Selenium Script in LoadRunner

LoadRunner Joe Logo

Getting Started with LoadRunner, Eclipse and Selenium

Before you begin, save yourself some time and make sure that you’re using the 32bit version of Eclipse. I actually had an issue getting this to work at first, and had to open a ticket with HP support. The resolution was changing to 32bit Eclipse, after which everything worked fine.

Also — you need LoadRunner 12, but the good news is that LoadRunner 12 is now free to use for up to 50 concurrent users. So go ahead and download and follow along – it’s free.

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HP UFT – Critical Patch 2 release for UFT 11.53

HP QTP, Service Test, LoadRunner Patch

HP Unified Functional Testing patch Release

Good news for HP UFT testers, today HP released Patch 2 for UFT 11.53 (UFT_00068).

What’s been fixed

  • Issue with UFT 11.53 not recognizing WPF objects in customer’s AUT
  • The UFT hanging while spying on Java Application Objects should be fixed.
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Testing JSON REST Service with rest-assured; part 3 POST

In my last few posts we went over getting started with rest-assured and how to get request using the new given, when, then syntax — now that we have some get request method examples under our belt I wanted to take a look at a few examples of using Rest-Assured to test JSON REST services using the POST method.

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