QTP11 Now Supports Google Chrome – Patch QTPWEB_00088

QTP now Supports GOOGLE Chrome

If you’re like me you’ve been waiting a long time for this one – QTP 11 now support testing web apps in Google Chrome!

HP Patch QTPWEB_00088 features and limitations

HP just released a new patch QTPWEB_00088 that contains the following features and limitations:

  • QTP does not support recording steps in Google Chrome
  • Certain Google Chrome Javascript functionality, like web pages that use JSON objects, may cause unexpected behavior in QTP.
  • If you manually uninstalling the QTP agent extension from Tools>Extensions, you must manually reinstall it if you reinstall this patch.

Browser methods not supported

Also the following methods are not supported:

  • Browser.Home
  • Brpwser.Fulscreen
  • Browser.ClearCache
  • Browser.Objects

Running steps not supported:

  • Chrome: //* pages
  • Multiple tabs
  • Multiple browsers
  • Web pages that include frame sets
  • WebXML test objects
  • Web test objects located inside iFrame controls with a’blank’ or ‘about:blank ‘SRC in property value
  • Developers Tools Pane but running against Google Chrome while the developers tools pane is open is supported
  • Web 2.0 test objects or Web Extensibility-based test objects
  • Web-based env, such as SAP Web, Siebel, Java, .NET Webforms etc..

To Get the Chrome Patch:

To get the Google Chrome Browser Patch for QuickTest Professional either request it from HP support or you can download it from http://www.joecolantonio.com/downloads

For an updated list of all patches available for QTP 11 check out the Patches section in my article:QTP 11 Support Matrix with Patch Updates


  1. billxin says

    hi I got a issue with Google Chrome QTP 11 extension.

    I tried to uninstall the QTP 11 extension in Chrome and Re-install it again.

    And I could not re-install it for some reasons.

    • Joe Colantonio says

      billxin » Hi did you figure this out? Sorry – I’m not sure how to manually install the QTP extension in Chrome.

  2. Arijit says

    Hi Joe, I have a scenario: Machine A is my machine and Machine B is a remote client. Only B has QTP installed, I need to trigger any .vbs file in machine file that should do the connection with B an also trigger B. Please help me with the code. FYI I tried with passing the IP address of B while instancing QTP in A but didn’t help.
    Thanks & Regards,

    • Joe Colantonio says

      Arijit » HI Arjit – just want to make sure I understand – you want to run a script on a remote QTP machine from your local machine –kinda of like using QC to run a QTP script?

      • Arijit says

        Yes, Joe that’s right but without using QC. And also the local machine doesn’t have QTP but only in remote machine.
        Thanks & Regards,

        • says

          Joe –>> Hi Joe, even i am in same kind of need what Arijit has mentioned in his query.
          Please do anser and guide.

          Arijit — > Hi Arijit . i am recently introduced to QTP
          and i have the same kind of requirements as u have posted in your question.

          Kindly Stay in touch and let me be aware of any further updates on the same.


  3. Greg says


    I have QTP 11 with Chrome Patch installed.

    It is recognising objects but I am unable to do a Double Click on a WebElement in Chrome.

    The following works correctly for IE7 and IE8 :
    Call Browser(“04 Diary”).Page(“18 Diary”).WebElement(“Account 3″).FireEvent(“ondblclick”, , ,micLeftBtn)

    Any ideas ???? This is blocking me badly.



    • Joe Colantonio says

      Greg » Hi Greg – did you figure this one out yet? I’ve just installed Google Chrome on my machine and was able to repro behavior against one of my apps that has a button that is really a webelement. I was able to fix by changing QTP’s replay mode. Can you try and see if this helps your issue. You can either set directly in QTP by going to Options\Web>Advanced and changing the Run Settings>Replay type to mouse or in code using the following:

      ‘ Get the current replay mode
      orig = Setting.webpackage(“ReplayType”)
      ‘ Set QuickTest Professional to replay using mouse operations
      Setting.webpackage(“ReplayType”) = 2 ‘Mouse

      Let me know if that helps. Cheers~Joe

    • srinivasulu says

      Hi Joe,

      Can you please tell me which patch installed for support QTP, i am using QTP 11 and also i had installed patches, but Chrome is identifying as window application,


  4. Pramod says

    Hi Joe,

    Can you please let me know QTP support in handling JSON objects,
    Does QTP 11 support JSON objects?
    do we need any specific addin to be installed?


    • Joe Colantonio says

      Pramod » Hi Pramod – I would think that since JSON is javascript that it should be invisible to QTP. What are you trying the do? There are some issue’s I think with QTP and Google Chrome with JSON that may cause unexpected behavior but nothing that I’m aware of with IE. JSON is usually used in web apps that also use AJAX and a toolskits like DOJO and Yahoo’s YUI. If your application uses a toolkit QTP does have an Add-in Extensibility and Web 2.0 Toolkit might help. Cheers~Joe

  5. says

    Hi ,

    I have few queries regarding QTP. Kindly guide me.

    1) I have QTP installed on my machine and i have my QTP scripts in my system.
    I want to run this QTP script on 10 different systems which do not have QTP installed on them.
    Is it mandatory to have QTP installed on all the 10 machines to run the QTP script ( on my system )

    2) I have QTP installed in my System, say, Server 1 and The AUT ( Application Under Test) is in Remote machine , say, Server 2.
    The machine in server 2 does not have QTP installed on it.
    Is it possible to execute the QTP Scripts from Server 1 in the AUT on server 2 ?
    If yes , Kindly specify the configurations ( DCOM Settings ) to achieve the same.

    Any help is heartily appreciated. Thank You.

    • Joe Colantonio says

      Azhar Rizvi » Hi Azhar – every machine that you want to run a QTP script on needs to have a local copy of QTP installed on it. QTP scripts will not run any remote machine that does not have qtp installed on it. Cheers~Joe

  6. christian tan says

    Hi joe,

    I am working on a application using google chrome. I have some issues with qtp inconsistently not getting the correct objects when using the object spy. insted of browser it will get windows. when spying webelements in google chrome.

    can you help me fix this issue? thank you!!!

  7. Laxmi says


    I am finding some issue while executing QTP 11 with Chrome Browser. I have installed the patch QTPWEB_00088 also. The object which was identified in IE and Firefox for many times, is not identifying the same object in Chrome Browser for Second or Third Run. There is some inconsistent identifying of Object in Chrome Browser.

    Can any one provide me the solution of why this problem arrives..

    • Joe Colantonio says

      Laxmi » Hi Laxmi – I have not been able to repro this behavior. Has anyone else seen this and have a workaround?

  8. sanjay kumar says

    Hi joe,

    i am using QTP11 with .net4.0 application but qtp does not identified object as SWF, it recognize as win object. please tell me how solve this problem. i have install .net framework first after qtp installed . please guide me . my machine window XP

  9. Ramesh says

    Has anyone installed Google chrome patch and extension for QTP 11? Please share the installation procedure.

  10. Tripti says

    Hi Joe ,
    All the above comments have been of lot of help .
    But i have a doubt can u please clear it .. does this patch work on windows 7 ?

    Earlier my system had a combination of XP , QTP 11 and the patch for chrome but now when i have windows 7 , QTP 11 and the patch installed the QTP is not able to identify the objects..

    Kindy put some light on it

    • Joe Colantonio says

      Tripti » Hi Tripti – the patch read-me does list Windows 7 as supported: (Hardware platforms – OS releases windows: xp 2000 2003 vista 7)

  11. Sandhya says

    I have the QTPWEB_00092.exe patch installed but it is working only on a chrome browser which is already open. It fails when the browser opens up newly as it identifies the objects as Winobjects.

    Has anyone else has the same issue?

  12. ujjwal says

    Hi all,
    Am facing issues while running a descriptive script of QTP on Chrome browser which was written using identifying the objects in I.E 9 . i have even installed the patches 0088,0090 and 00102…
    Can any one pls help me out…Thanks in advance…

  13. ma says

    Do you know if QTP has a patch that will support Google Chrome Frame? (Please notice not Google Chrome Browser itself, but a add-in running within I.E 6 or I.E.7)


  14. David says

    Hi Joe, i tried to install this patch but encountered an error as QTP tried to install it, stating that some cabinet file PCW_CAB_24E7372C is corrupt. Have you ecnountered this before? Thanks!

    • says

      David » Hi David – can you download again and re-try. I recently changed my site’s web host and think some of my files in the download section go corrupted. I uploaded a new version of QTPWEB_00088 and tested it on one of my machines.

      • David says

        i think the issue might have been due to me having already installed the QTPWEB_00090
        Now i installed the QTPWEB_00092 which does not need the 88 since i m assuming 90 has all the support for the chrome as well as FF, so all seems ok now. Thanks.

  15. Bharath says

    Hi Joe,

    I have QTP 11 and Google chrome installed. In the extension QTP support is enabled for the browser. When I try to spy the objects through QTP it is identifying as WinObject. Please help me out on this issue.


  16. David says

    Hi Joe, any workaround for QTP’s lack of support for Chrome Screens with Frame-Set? If not, any idea if this issue is planned to be addressed any time soon?
    Thanks a lot.

  17. Aditya says

    Hi, I want to know te script for navigating to a desired URL ?

    Its showing error ?object not found
    I am using QTP 11 and IE8

  18. Prasad says

    Hi All,

    i encountered few object identification issues with Chrome latest version (23) and got info that chrome 19 will support QTP 11.
    so had installed chrome 19 but this 19 version is installing in userprofile >> documents & settings.. this causing the failure of initializting the browser (systemutil.run).

    i want all of the users able to launch the application, so had harcoded programfiles path in the script when i run the script the chrome.exe not found in the programfiels hence its failing..

    have u faced object identification issues with chrome (23)
    installation issues with chrome 19?

  19. DarsiViswanath says

    Hi All,
    MY PC is having QTP11 and patch QTPWEB_00102 for HP QuickTest Professional 11.00,Operating System is XP and i am using IE v7 and Mozilla Firefox v11 and GoogleChrome v24 ……Afetr adding Patch i spy the Google Chrome and mozilla fireFox ….QTP is not able to identify them as web application ,It is identifying as WINDOW application…I would like to know the reason why the issue is happening?….if such case please let me know how we can overcome this issuess?…or else Do we need to do any setting after installing the QTP patch ?…….eagarly waiting for reply… please help me out with this issues

  20. Winter says

    Hi Joe,

    QTP11, installed the following patch

    QTP Spy still cannot detect the objects of chrome.
    Please advise. Thanks.


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